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Actor and director Nate Parker is back directing a new digital series called Baseline.

Atlanta Black Star reports, after having his directorial début of his film Birth Of A Nation crushed by rape allegations back in 2016, Parker is back writing and directing.

Baseline is about a family living in inner city Los Angeles that’s fighting to protect their aspiring pro basketball player from the dangers of their neighborhood. Similar to the show Queen Sugar and the film American Honey, it’s said that show is on the hunt for, “Black/American…raw, gritty, not-insecure” actors.

The show begins filming on February 16 and will go on for one week. In that time, the hope is to film 10 six-minute episodes to get picked up by a network.


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9 thoughts on “Nate Parker Returns With A New Digital Series

  1. Jonathan on said:

    Really? Why cant he marry who he feel in love with. Has nothing to do with his films. Why we hate each other IDK. How about we support it.

  2. He needs to make about about the physiology of black self hate that compels them to seek out non black to i guess make themselves feel like they are better than the average.

  3. I’m sorry but he isn’t that talented. Birth of a Nation which I paid to see for the historical significance was alright. Not bad, but certainly not the biopic Nat Turner deserves. Too many truly talented Black filmmakers like Ava and Coogler and young guns like Steven Caple Junior and Quasim Basir to waste time on an average filmmaker with an above average mouth.

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    We always on a brother who marries white, or is involved in an altercation with a white woman!!!

    That’s right! A stupid ass self-loathing black idiot who gets accused of raping a white woman and then marries one. For the record, I don’t admire or defend ANY white entertainer or white person for that matter. We should show love and support for a brother who probably pissed on 100 qualified back women to marry someone white after being accused of raping a white woman. He’s no victim by any means he deserves every bit of scrutiny & white media bashing that he’s getting, I have no sympathy for him and he’ll never get a dime of my money. Apparently going to trial and almost getting caged didn’t open his eyes enough because he’s right back in the trap again. This incident happened while he was a student at Penn State he and his friend was accused of raping a white chick while she was intoxicated, and by the way this girl committed suicide. I wonder how many educated black women at Penn State he by passed to sniff behind the white girls only to catch a case.

  5. We always on a brother who marries white, or is involved in an altercation with a white woman!!! Instead of hating on the young man, who is very talented, why not show some love and support like you do when you admire a white entertainer or actor after he has been bashed by the media. Do you know if he was cleared of the charges, did you follow the story? Don’t judge others by the same standards that others have been judging us for ever, and give the young man a chance to clear himself like others have done before him and will do after him!!!

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    He was accused of raping a white woman then he turned around married and bred children with one and now he wants to make black movies. Just like “Birth of a Nation” I won’t be watching anything that has his name on it.

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