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There’s a new podcast out that specifically takes a look at the issues of African-Americans.

Black News reports, the show The Sound Of Melanin wants to tackle political, spiritual, social and relationship issues that affect the Black community. However, it wants to do it all that through the lens of humor.

According the show’s website they want to “educate through entertainment,” and build constructive conversations around these issues while still having fun.

The show kicks off February 8 and features a video animation explaining what the reaction would be like if humans went to Mars and saw aliens with green skin. Would they accepts these aliens or would they treat them badly because of the color of their skin and the language they speak. (Check the video out down below)

The video draws comparisons to the treatment of African-Americans in the America and the horrible treatment they faced through slavery, racism, segregation and the Jim Crow South.

Kirk Nugent a spoken word poet is the one behind this informative yet funny podcast. In an interview with Black News Nugent explains the motivation for creating the podcast.

“Nina Simone said that an artist’s duty is to reflect the times TSOM was created not only to reflect the times, but also to inspires and empower ordinary folks to critically think about the ‘times.’ We have the power to design out destiny, but we are not mindful of that because we have been programmed to self-destruct.”

In the 12 episodes of the show, a poem about the topic is included. To get access to the poems, they will be in an eBook called The Sound of Melanin can be found on their website. The money from the books will go towards funding their show.

Catch the first episode on The Sound of Melanin website.




(Source: Black News)

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

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