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One Georgia Waffle House learned the hard way that they should maybe keep barbecue sauce in their restaurant from now on.

The NY Post reports 43-year-old Willie Edward Drake was dinning at a Waffle House and went crazy when the restaurant didn’t have any barbecue sauce.

When the workers told him that they didn’t have condiment he was looking for, he immediately started yelling and using foul language at them.

Employees called the cops when he became a belligerent and hard to deal with. Drake’s was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Workers say they spoke as calmly as possible with Drake explaining that they didn’t have barbecue sauce.

However, Drake was determined to win when he yelled to the workers, “I’ll go to jail over some barbecue sauce.”



(Source: NY Post )

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock Images)

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7 thoughts on “Georgia Man Goes To Jail Over Barbecue Sauce

  1. “Georgia Man Goes To Jail Over Barbecue Sauce”

    In A Sentence: Definitely Black News !

    Diannah Watson: You Have To Get Out More Ofter. Talk To Black Folks, White Folks, Tan Folks, Yellow Folks !

    You posting this story shows Laziness on your part.

    If you are still in High School, Stay there, As No one will hire your for anything other then a entry level position !

    If you are a High School graduate, don’t let anyone know.

    • My Opinion on said:

      Not to excuse what he did but I’ve seen news reports of white people hitting counter people at fast food restaurants because they didn’t have the meal they wanted. It’s not only black people.

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