The National Winter Activity Center Helps Children Of Color Succeed


The Winter Olympics are around the corner and it always leaves viewers in awe of the amazing things athletes can do. Whether it’s bobsledding, snowboarding or figure skating, it’s always filled with a sense of wonderment and appreciation. What if your kids had that chance to be one of those athletes?

Schone Malliet Founder & CEO of the National Winter Activity Center is on a mission to introduce winter sports to more children of color.

“The winter time is a period of time were kids are either on social media, televisions or on their cell phones, ” explained Malliet. “The health goal is to be able to reduce the incident of childhood obesity and diabetes by giving them an activity to do.”

Located in Vernon, New Jersey, the facility offers three different types of activities for its students. “It’s skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing,” explained Malliet.

We work with YMCA’s of New York City, YMCA’s of New Jersey, and local schools.  We give them a program that we called ELEV8/ Learn,” expressed Malliet. “The cost is $450 but these partner programs help supplement the cost.” It allows the kids to get all the equipment that they need.

Entering their fourth year, the center has had a 75% success rating with students returning with a better attitude towards outside winter activities.

For more information on this organization and how to get involved, head over to



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