Rev. Al Sharpton: Did The Democrats Really Cave In?


After coming to an agreement in Senate, Republicans and Democrats were able to end the government shutdown under a couple of conditions for each other. Rev. Al Sharpton gives us the inside on the situation and how to stay active and empowered.

“At this point I want to bring the peoples attention to Donald Trump and Chuck Schumer who come from NY and known each other for 40 years,” explained Sharpton. “I got to believe that Chuck Schumer knew that Donald Trump making a deal is almost as shaky as being in the middle of quick sand.”

However, Sharpton urges us to remember what we received from this government shut down and what we have to look forward to next.

“Either way the bottom line is that the wall is off the table, we did get kids through. The big fight is going to be what we do with DACA,” expressed Sharpton. “There’s young people from Haiti, Africa, from all over the world. Don’t let them try to stigmatize this. We should be for everybody. Otherwise you can’t be for everybody.”



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12 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: Did The Democrats Really Cave In?

  1. YO Al (so us your tax returns) Sharpton what the people took from the shutdown was that Dem’s care more about ILLEGAL immigrants than American citizens, no matter how much whitewash and Bullsh@t you spin

    • There u are with your sorry ass talking points. The thugs never cared about healthcare for the poor. They threw that bone to the dems so they were trapped into voting for that shitty bill. The house members didn’t take the bake. They played their cards right in the senate and the dems caved, As usual.

  2. Perry*

    Good for you sticking with the DEMS and voting for them for over thirty years.
    I gave up on them years ago and changed my political party.

    I am a proud card carrying SOCIALIST.
    SOCIALISM is about CHANGE-not about keeping things STATUS QUO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @L: I was a Democrat, changed to INDEPENDENT, because I evolved to see it’s not smart to be BOXED-IN by Party when the Party Candidate is lame or not the best person to represent….I could not back a Party Candidate who will represent the interest of Illegals ahead of Americans’ Interest 1st.

  3. DEMOCRATS PLAYING WITH LOSING HAND: The Polls from the Liberal Media show the Democratic Base do not support “Dreamers” and/or Illegals for a justifiable reason to Shut-Down the Government.

  4. D and L to attack the Democrats as spineless and Lost Party is ridiculous. Provide some support for you comments. The Democrats are in the minority in both the House and Senate is only so much that you can do any that position. I am strong supporter of the party and that’s why I have not missed a vote since I registered almost 30 years ago.

    • I know they’re in the minority, and they will stay there until they come up with a cohesive message. The leadership is weak as hell. Ijs. Btw. I’ve been voting since i turned 18.

      • How is that possible?? According to the Race Baiters and Grievance Hustlers you are too stupid and lazy to get proper ID to vote

  5. The dems are spineless jellyfish. They’re always caving to the republuthugs. They should be out there talking about the predator in chief everyday, and how he called the African nations shitholes, everyday. But they don’t have a cohesive messsge and that’s why they will probably lose in 2018. Smdh

  6. The Democrats are a LOST PARTY.
    They no longer know who or what they stand for or represent.
    Back in the day, the DEMS were the champions of Civil Rights issues.
    Today, they are some SPINELESS pussies!!!!!!!!!!

    There needs to be a third party in this country.
    One that is INDEPENDENT from lobbyists and not keeping things STATUS QUO.

    Unless these wimps get themselves together, I don’t see them regaining control of
    either the Senate or Congress anytime soon!!!!!!!!!!

    Both the DEMS and the GOP should be ashamed of themselves for that
    damn gov’t SHUTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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