Comedian Steve Brown Tells His Side Of His Crazy Encounter At A Comedy Club


Comedian Steve Brown was doing a set at a comedy club in Colombia, South Carolina when an audience member got angry and tried to hit him with a mic stand and stool.

“I was on stage doing my thing and everyone seemed to be having a great time you know? The guy, the attacker he was in the second row. He was just enjoying himself you know. He was laughing you know everybody was having a good time. And then all of a sudden he was staring at me just real hard,” explained Brown. “I didn’t say a word to him, no interactions between us, no heckling, no nothing. And I was like, ‘My man are you okay?’ And he started mumbling something or whatever. Next thing you know he was going at it with everyone. He slapped his girl.”

Brown thought security would have handled the situation which is why he didn’t leave the stage but the exact opposite happened.

“The two guys that broke the fight up where from the kitchen,” explained Brown. “The same guy walks past the supposed security guy and they walk out together. Well the guy turns around and takes his shirt off and comes back but the security guy never came back,” exclaimed Brown. 

To make the situation even worse, the club wouldn’t pay him. “To add insult to injury, I go to get paid and they docked me,” said Brown. “The owner claimed several people got up and left and they didn’t pay their tab and you have to pay their tab.”



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6 thoughts on “Comedian Steve Brown Tells His Side Of His Crazy Encounter At A Comedy Club

  1. Strong Black Woman on said:

    That dude had to be on something to act the way that he did. I would have him arrested. I would sue the comedy club. Did you see the security guy just watching and not doing anything. He should be fired. People from the damn audience had to come on the stage to do SECURITY’S JOB!!!!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    The comedy club should have had security. If the attacker connected with Steve with that mic stand and hurt him, Steve could be suing the club. The nerve of the manager not to pay him. He should file lawsuit, because it took too long for anyone related to the club to intervene, and on top of that, the kitchen staff? That is some bogus ish. He needs to call out this club, this was ridiculous.
    I love the comedy club in my area, as soon as someone even thinks about heckling or gets too rowdy, those big bouncer dudes, top notch security, are on it like flies on s**t. lol

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