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BALTIMORE (AP) — The mother of a mentally ill woman who was left in the cold outside a Baltimore hospital wearing only a flimsy gown and socks says the 22-year-old daughter was denied her lawful right to medical care.

Cheryl Chandler said at a news conference Thursday that her daughter faced life-threatening conditions on the street. Speaking at a lawyer’s office, she added she was made aware of her missing daughter’s predicament the night of Jan. 9 only after she happened upon a viral video shot by a passer-by enraged at what happened.

Chandler’s daughter, Rebecca, was escorted out of the hospital by uniformed security personnel with her street clothes in plastic bags, and left at an open-air bus stop with outdoor temperatures in the 30s (near zero Celsius). She was visibly disoriented.

The story is reminiscent of the death of Metrice Richardson, 24, a woman who showed signs of mental illness and was left without a way home outside a Malibu police station. Her remains were found 11 months later.




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10 thoughts on “Mother Of Mentally Ill Woman Dumped At Bus Stop Speaks Out

  1. And yet, the CBC and Black civil rights activists are concerned with DACA…..Our community needs for justice and equality continually are put on the back-burner for white women’s rights and equal pay, illegal immigrants education and welfare, opiod addictions, and the list goes on and on while we are still being treated as sub-human….There has been no accountability enforced by “our” leaders for the mistreatment of their people….We have been left on our own by our so-called leaders to fend for ourselves since so-called “civil rights” were granted while they spend their time advocating for all other people’s causes….So, the Chandler family needs to take the culprits of the mistreatment of Rebecca down through the legal which isn’t guaranteed….And the game goes on and one while the African slave descendant is duped into the stupor of feigned liberty and justice.

  2. they were in the wrong and they know it. sue, sue and sue. it is obvious she has mental health issues, so why not admit for even if for only just that night? she needed help and they treated her like dirt. who dies this type of foolishness? a hospital no less? they could have pink slipped her and cleaned her up while assisting with her mental health issues. for shame. WWJD….

  3. leadjustone on said:

    The real issue is, why did the hospital staff think it was okay to release this woman half naked into the night? Imagine that the patient was a petite blonde. Do you think for one minute that they would have treated her the same way? She would have been perceived as vulnerable, in need of and deserving of protection from harm. Why didn’t they view Rebecca that way? Make a statement in the only language these greedy SOB’s understand. Sue the crap out of that POS hospital !!

  4. Michelle Gibson on said:

    I agree with Kaci…… where was mom? How did she get to the hospital without someone being there with and for her if she has mental challenges. How did she get to the hospital. Where was her clothes that she came with? My parents are elderly and I will not let them go alone to the doctors office, bank, and or hospital because people try to take advantage of the elderly and people with mental challenges…..

    Some people should be fired

  5. Yes, the hospital was wrong to drop this patient off in the cold. But I think the mom is wrong too and she is just looking for a payday. She knows she have a mentally ill daughter, she should keep a better eye on her. What’s the back story before she got hospitalized? Where was mommy dearest then? …. the world would never know.

    • Whatever the backstory is, wherever this poor woman was before she landed at the hospital and the whereabouts of “mommy dearest” during this time, has absolutely no bearing on the hospital’s obligation to treat ALL people with respect and dignity while in their care, instead of like disposable garbage. You are absolutely right in your opinion that the hospital was wrong to drop this patient off in the cold. But there was no need to add a “but.”

      • Agree or not, there is a need to discuss the personal responsibility in this situation and hoping this is not only for the money grab part of it. It may have been the mother’s action or lack there of that contributed to her mental health illness and this is speaking from a person who is diagnosed and struggles with mental illness.

  6. Yes fired and start from the top to the bottom they just think they can do this kind of thing to poor people I bet if she had money they would not have done it and to put her out in the cold. They could have made sure she got dress and let her wait in the lobby until a social worker could have help her. I hope her mom got a good lawyer.

  7. This just broke my heart that in America they just kicked her out of the hospital. It could be your sister or mother. I just cant believe that this is going on in this day and age. Someone needs to be fired now.

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