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The murder of an upcoming British model Harry Uzoka on a London street left the fashion world devastated this week. But in an even more tragic twist, his murderers turned out to be two other models.

It’s suspected that Uzoka, 25, a model with Britain’s Premier agency who had walked runways for Zara and Mercedes, was killed because he was a rival of IMG model George Koh, 24,  who worked with Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith and was arrested along with Johnathan Okigbo.

According to multiple reports, Uzoka was found collapsed in the Shepard’s Bush area of London after a single stab wound.

British model Jourdan Dunn tweeted her shock.


As did the denim brand Everlane who Uzoka had worked with:


Uzoka’s girlfriend provided a heartwrenching post of memories as well.

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Babe. Baby. My Baby. You were everything to me . I'm so proud of you .You were my favorite person in the whole world. I would stare at you everyday and smile because I couldn't believe how such a beautiful person inside and out could be right next to me. Every morning I would roll over as I would just like every other morning and I would see you and my whole mood changed . And everything was perfect in life when I saw you every morning next to me. We would always wake up at the same time and smile at each other. You had such a beautiful soul . You always told me how all you ever wanted to do was help people. You always made me smile I love that about you. We could kiss and hug each other forever it felt like. I miss you. I miss how we would dance together, sing ,laugh and play .I miss listening to music with you. We met that day in LA for a reason. I knew you were special from the moment I met you .I still remember the day I said I had a feeling we were going to become the best of friends and we did . We were so similar . When I was with you we were in our own world .I'm so happy we went to St. Lucia for Christmas babe . I'm so happy I got to take you to the ocean for the first time .I miss you. I miss how we would just sit in bed and listen to rain and the rainforest sounds in St. Lucia until we fell asleep . We always had fun.You always made me smile . All you ever wanted to do was make me happy with you in London. I was happy no matter where I was as long as I was with you. You were the light and joy in my life. I couldn't wait to see you again and I know my Birthday weekend in Amsterdam you were planning was going to be amazing. You were the best person I knew and I wanted the world to know who you were.These last couple of months were the most special moments and memories in my life that I will never ever forget. Thank you for inspiring me . Thank you for loving me . Thank you for being you. Thank you for showing me your world . Thank you for giving me all those memories of us . Thank you for pushing me even when I didn't believe in myself . Thank you for everything you've ever done for me. Thank you for making me always see the positive side of life.💜

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@britishgq X @mercedesbenzuk ❄️

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The suspects, Koh and Okingbo, are scheduled to be in court Thursday.

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5 thoughts on “British Model Stabbed To Death By Fashion Rival

  1. No mac…you dumbass – evil knows no boundaries….it affects anybody and seeps in everywhere. I didn’t see any comments from you on the despicable acts of the parents (white) in CA in the depraved conditions they forced their own children to live in. Was this particular incident here one of black on black crime…yes, however, it was not because they were Black….it was envy and jealousy born out of evil….nothing more. You continue to be a source of all the divisive hatred in the in the world today.

  2. Sounds like those boys were JEALOUS of Mr. Uzoka!!!!!!
    Which is why ENVY is one of the seven DEADLY SINS!!!!!!!!

    My heart goes out to this young man’s family!!!!!!!!!

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