Donnell Rawlings Is Trying To Stay Away From TMZ In 2018


Comedian Donnell Rawlings aka Ashy Larry has one New Year’s resolution this year that he’s praying comes to pass. It’s to stay away from TMZ!

“I got one job but I have a New Year’s Resolution,” explained Rawlings.  “My New Year’s resolution is to stay the hell away from TMZ,” he yelled. “I’m trying to stay focused and rip these stages up.”

Having been in the business for long, Rawlings wants to continue, “to have some fun and make some people laugh.”

He’ll be performing at Carolines on Broadway a place that he’s very familiar with. “I do this club like three times a year,” he explained. “I consider New York to be my second home.”

Rawlings was very close with the late Charlie Murphy and expressed some love and appreciation for the talented comic.

“It was tough Charlie Murphy was a good friend, he was a good comic,” expressed Rawlings. “And I heard a lot of people say you know that Charlie Murphy was so young. You know he was 57 when he passed.”

Catch Ashy Larry aka Donnell Rawlings will be performing at Caroline’s on Broadway January 12-14.



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