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Rumors are going around that Insecure star and HBO writer Issa Rae turned Drake down at the Golden Globes after party.

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Rae spoke out on the matter but didn’t give a specific answer to the question. Some background information to know about Rae is that she is a huge Drake fan.

She’s so much of a fan that she puts the rapper’s lyrics into every episode of Insecure as sort of an easter egg for fans to listen for. She told Hot New Hip Hop doing, “that was a personal thing for me, but that’s not something that we bang you over the head with.”

Supposedly at the after party, E! News reports that Drake made his entourage stop when he passed by Rae. He then asked if she wanted to go with him to a Netflix party.

Sources say she declined the invite because she was with her friends and the walked away. Another source says that it didn’t happen that way. Instead, they say the two were very cordial with each other and, “exchanged pleasantries” and that she “never denied” Drake.

That source also said that the two didn’t know each other very well anyway. E! News tweeted that Rae turned down Drake which caused her to speak up about the exchange. She doesn’t come out saying that she turned Drake down, however she tweets a headline with the E! News article attached saying, “Obsessed Fan Who Dedicated Entire Season To Artist Continues to Shamelessly Fangirl When She Sees Him at Party Later.”

Instead of turning him down, she fangirled about the whole meeting. The same night, Drake DJ’ed at another party to which Rae loved. In a video, she could be heard calling Drake “zaddy”  and complimenting Drake saying the playlist he used was, “simply correct” and that he’s a, “phenomenal DJ.”



(Source: Hot New Hip Hop E! News)

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One thought on “Did Issa Rae Turn Drake Down At Golden Globes After Party?

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Issa if you and other women are reading this – good for you. Drake desires one type of woman, and will use the rest until he gets married to his “desired “ type. I’m glad you didn’t let him use you. He will marry some “good” woman who looks like his mother. He is only using black women for the fan base.

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