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You know her as detective Greggs on The Wire and the producer of the documentary Baltimore Rising which was inspired by the death of Freddie FreySonja Sohn is back as Laverne on the Showtime show The Chi.

“It’s produced and created by Lena Waithe and Common,” explained Sohn. “They really wanted to explore the humanity and sensationalism behind the South Side of Chicago.”

The Wire did a great job of bringing light to social issues in Baltimore, especially after the rise of police brutality. The Chi is hopefully looking to do the same.

“What I do know is that these folks care about Chicago in the same way that these folks cared about Baltimore with The Wire,” expressed Sohn. “I would say from what I know about this cast, they advocate for what they believe in.”

Catch The Chi on Showtime on Sunday, January 7 at 10 pm ET.

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