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Recently, sexual harassment has taken over the news hitting both the entertainment and political space. We’re familiar with the #MeToo campaign created by Tarana Burke that got the message out there. But what hasn’t been brought to light are the struggles of racial discrimination in the workplace.

Sophia Nelson, MSNBC contributor, Award-winning author, and attorney explains the #UsToo campaign that looks to tackle race discrimination.

Like #MeToo, Nelson explains,  “#UsToo is the exact same issue but it deals with the more systemic issues of race.” She continues, “For women of color people of color, men of color, we often don’t have a voice. Race has destroyed careers, lives, and finances. ”

Even though the MeToo movement was created by a Black woman, Black women have been left out of the resurgence of it.

“We’re invisible, our movements don’t get picked up they don’t get told,” explained Nelson. “When people see Black they see men and when people see white they see women.”

Just like outing people responsible for sexual harassment, Nelson believes, “we likewise have to begin to out people who’ve done the same with race.”

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