Roland Martin: ‘Go Vote Or Shut The Hell Up’


The race for Mayor of Atlanta is drawing to a close as the last day to vote is December 5, 2017. Mary Norwood and Keisha Lance Bottoms are in a race to claim the seat. Roland Martin talks with journalist Condace Pressley and Ernie Suggs on the current condition of the race.

“Mary Norwood is leading 51-45. She’s had a lot of momentum in the last week,” explained Suggs. Norwood has received a lot of big endorsements that have boosted her reach in the race. Suggs believes, “White voters are energized,” by that.

“The black female vote in Atlanta is critical tomorrow for Keisha Lance Bottoms,” explained Pressley. “Turnout for Keisha is going to be key among this demographic.”

“They understand what the stakes are…So people are taking it seriously and I think people are going to come out tomorrow,” explained Suggs.

The bottom line is, “If you don’t participate in the process you don’t have any room to complain,” expressed Pressley.

Roland Martin added, “Go vote or shut the hell up.”

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2 thoughts on “Roland Martin: ‘Go Vote Or Shut The Hell Up’

  1. I agree Roland. That is just like those who complain and find fault about what black leaders yet those black folks or folks are doing NOTHING. I tell them, If you do not like the job Al or Jesse or anyone else is doing, get off your @#$ and do it yourself, if not, SHUT UP.

  2. Former President Obama just said we should elect more women to public office, because “men seem to be having problems” with all these sex scandals. President Obama, since you and Michelle are away on your trip to Asia, your nice daughters Sasha and Malia may need an older gentleman with “Good Christian Values” to escort them to the White House Christmas Party. I have GOOD NEWS! Judge Roy “Ten Commandments” Moore may be available!…… Senator “Me, Al Franken,” you and your colleagues accused in these sexcapades should attend Stuart Smalley’s 12-step Self-Help meetings, after which you can say with pride, “Doggone it, people LIKE me!” And savor the pleasures of a fine El Presidente’ Cigar…..I have often wondered why President Trump seems to have a visceral, personal hatred of former President Obama, even reportedly encouraging a couple of Russian “ladies” to urinate on the same bed that Mr. and Mrs. Obama slept in while they were in Moscow. As a real estate developer/family business owner used to having his orders followed, President Donald “Mr. Big Stuff” Trump seems very frustrated by regulations, some laws, and many “traditions” of government process. However, some laws have been evil laws: pro-slavery laws, anti-miscegenation, pro-segregation and other “Jim Crow” laws, anti-marijuana laws, anti-LGBTQ laws, etc. We need to look at EACH law and see if it is good, bad, or ugly. Often laws are pushed by Big Business trying to stifle competition, cheat us poor working stiff suckas, or suppress people of color and LGBTQ folks. The US government is not meant to be a welfare handout agency for starving lawyers. Besides, there are plenty of sex scandal lawsuits to go around……

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