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Victoria Secret models are receiving harsh backlash after a video of them posted to social media shows them singing the N-word from a popular song according to the New York Daily News.

The models, none of which are African American, were singing along to the hit song Bodak Yellow by singer Cardi B. backstage at a fashion show.

Social media users came out in droves to condemn the models for singing the lyrics. Flip through to check out the tweets.

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29 thoughts on “Victoria Secret’s Models Receiving Backlash For Singing The N-Word

    • I thought she was Puerto Rican as well. She’s definitely not African-American – lol!!! Maybe because she’s “high yella” as the rappers all love, she thinks she has a pass tp say whatever the hell she wants to.

      Don’t be surprised if Kim Kardashian uses the N-Word as well. She probably walks around the house singing Kanye’s Gold Digger with North….

  1. Treyray on said:

    Black artists need to stop using the n-word themselves, so they can purchase the song and when time to sing they have to skip the n- word? That is dumb as hell to think that is going to happen! If the word is in the song an they have every right to sing it! We as black can’t have it both ways we can say it but they can’t. Retire the damn word! Leave out of songs problem solve!

    • Absolutely Agree – everyone stop saying it – NO GOOD CAN COME OUT OF IT FROM ANYONE’S MOUTH!

      I watched Wendy Williams Show today, and she was saying White people don’t have the right to say the N-Word, yet she also confessed to calling her own teenage son it when she gets mad at hime. Excuse me, isn’t that the same thing White people do? The don’t just go around saying iT willy-nilly, but also save it for times when they want to “demean or cut a Black person down”.


  3. I totally agree with ChristinforREal. I am a Black American who went on a trip to South Africa five years ago, and one of the tour guides (who was from the same tribe as Nelson Mandela) was surprised and confused that Black American’s call themselves African American. He thought we were still considered “colored”, since in their country anyone who is not White or from a specific identified African Tribe is considered colored – this includes all Indians, Asians, and mixed-race people. I told him that I identify as “Black” whether in the US or anywhere else. I’ve also traveled a lot to the Caribbean, and they are confused by African-American as well (especially when they come to this country as visitors and are classified African-American of which they are neither). Most of the islanders thought I was Canadian, but didn’t say African-Canadian – lol!

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yeah, from the jump I hated the term African American and never use it to refer to myself or other blacks. It seemed stupid because Africans really don’t like blacks in America at least not the ones that live here and they don’t ever call themselves African-American, they are African from whatever tribe they or their families are born into. So yeah miss me wit it, I aint mad about it.
      It’s just like someone posted out here before telling us we should change our narrative and write our own futures/destinies and not let white folks write our scripts and at the same time calling herself African-American. Please whatever, please talk into mirror.

  4. Christianforreal on said:

    Just to be clear people, anyone that is truly African American,does not identify with the Black Americans. Let’s first clarify that. Those Black people born in America are NOT African American. Those who are born in Africa and migrate to America are the African Americans.

    Secondly, I am very impressed with you all that have posted here. I love the way you all (except CeCe, who I din’t understand) think in this matter. Why in the hell, would any self-respecting Black person identify with the N-word? That should be totally UNACCEPTABLE and not used so frequently by our race of people. How many other of races people do you see and hear calling themselves by the derogatory names that other races used to degrade them. Why do we always claim and embrace such nonsense.

    And finally, it’s just a song and most of the girls, i’m willing to bet, were oblivious to the word. They were just trying to keep up with the group, proud that they were even able to keep the rhythm. What’s more alarming is that OUR people keep making degrading songs that relate to their fellow man!! I hate the word also and would NEVER claim as a part of my heritage!!!

  5. Don’t yell fire in a crowded theatre,as a hoax, don’t date your bestie’so ex no matter how long they have been broke up and don’t say the word NIGER IF YOU AREN’T AFRICAN AMERICAN OR SOME CLOSE VERSION THERE OF i.e. FAT JOE, KHALED etc. If you decide to do so be ready. This 8s how it’s been for as long as I can remember song or no song they bleep it out 9n the radio follow,suit or take the heat and the side eye

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Yeah, gotta say, I DON’T GIVE A FLYIN F! The song is garbage imo, and when she says n*****s she is not referring to me. So miss me wit’ it, sing it until your stupid head explodes it won’t bother me.

  7. Chastity on said:

    First of all, they are singing the lyrics to the song. It is not like they were calling someone the “N” word to demean them. Second, black people need to stop using the word, period. This is so silly to me. They are singing a song and having a good time. They are not calling someone out of their name.

  8. T Wilson on said:

    Those are the lyrics to the song. What some are suggesting is just N*ggas should sing the song. The same thing happened to Gwyneth Paltrow with N*ggas in Paris!!!! Those are the lyrics to the song. Good or bad!

  9. Some people just want to cause confusion. That idiot wrote the words to the song; if anyone receives backlash it should be her. So all non-black people have to “skip that part” because they aren’t black? HILARIOUS!

  10. Bravo, Well said. I hate that word. Everywhere you go , you hear a black person using and it is such a disgrace. If you can sing, rap or say the n word then dont get mad when one of another race sing rap or say it. Can have it both ways.

  11. You can’t control what anyone says There is such a thing as “freedom of speech”, and unless it endangers a life you have the right to say whatever you want to.

    If Black Americans keep using the word, then get mad when others use it, it’s their own fault. Also we need to stop using African-American. What if some of the models were Black, but happened to be from England, France, or even Africa – would they be disregarded just because they are not also American?


    • Bravo, Well said. I hate that word. Everywhere you go , you hear a black person using and it is such a disgrace. If you can sing, rap or say the n word then dont get mad when one of another race sing rap or say it. Can have it both ways.

  12. Why would they receive backlash from singing a song. REALLY. We use the n word in songs but don’t want white people to use it. Then don’t use it in a song. This is ridiculous. Go focus on how the man called Trump talk about and treat us. IJS.

  13. The power if the n-word needs to be nullified. It’s not a word of empowerment. It is not our word. It was a word used to describe black people. So was stupid, ugly, porch monkey, etc. No one is saying whats up coon. And I guess it’s ok for a white boy who grew up in the hood to use the word in the streets and in their songs. Either we all say it or no-one says it. Just my opinion. And yes I am black.

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