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In analyzing President Donald Trump’s ongoing feud with LaVar Ball, Trump’s ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, concluded that the president is in part “awed” and “frightened” by Black people, CNN reported.

“So first of all, his father (LaVar Ball) is a tall Black man, and I think Trump is half awed and half frightened by Black people and his only way of dealing with them is to attack them. On the other hand, I think he has a zero tolerance for any criticism of any kind, that’s why he goes after anybody who says virtually anything about him that’s negative,” Schwartz stated.

Trump and Ball, the father of LiAngelo Ball, have been in a heated, some would say juvenile, feud over the president’s roll in helping to get LiAngelo Ball and two of his UCLA basketball teammates released from China. The three athletes were arrested in October for shoplifting high-end items from shops in China during their team’s visit for exhibition games. Ball seems to be having fun in his war of words with Trump–but the president, not so much. He has fired off a storm of angry tweets, calling LaVar Ball an “ungrateful fool” in one post.

Michael D’Antonio, the biographer who wrote “The Truth About Trump,” agreed with Schwartz’s assessment. “I think what Tony said was correct, that there are these dual motivations on his part. On the one hand it is racial, on the other hand he has very thin skin,” he told CNN. D’Antonio noted that Trump targets Black athletes for his venom instead of regular White guys.

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