Adele Givens Can Joke About ANYTHING!


Comedian and actress Adele Givens knows just how to keep it real no matter where she goes and who she’s with. She can make a joke out of anything!

Givens went to the Def Comedy Jam a few months ago and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun the show was behind the scenes. “They need a whole other Netflix special with the behind the scenes,” expressed Givens.

But like so many other comics, she had to share her two cents on the whole Tyrese situation. “Maybe he needs to go ahead and hashtag MeToo and let it out,” laughed Givens.

Maybe a little harsh, but Givens knows the power of her jokes and what it could it do.”Every time I say something I know I’m going to get in trouble. But that’s the beauty of comedy,” said Givens.

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