Every now and then DL gives the haters a chance to express themselves by having FU DL Hughley correspondent Niecy Jones come on a read some messages.  Now it doesn’t hurt DL but it sure does give a good laugh!

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2 thoughts on “FU DL Hughley: Can You Hold Please?

  1. DL, I listen to your show just about every day. You have a great show but there are a few bits of flaws that I heard on your show. First off, you like to call people hypocrites for just standing up for what’s right. DL, to me it seems like YOU’RE the hypocrite. You throw shade at Bill Cosby when Harvey Weinstein ADMITS to his sex allegations. DL? You are nothing but a Black Rush Limbaugh because you and rush are very judgmental and hypocritical behind a microphone on a Monday thru Friday basis. So F him and F U DL Hughley!

  2. Susan Key on said:

    Of course, they can’t fire someone without cause. Especially someone who has a contract like Matt Lauer does. He’s been under investigation for months. They have proof! Quit spouting off! FU DL.

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