Inside Her Story: Traffic Reporter Demetria Oblior Swerves On Haters


WFAA traffic anchor Demetria Obilor was body shamed by a viewer for her body type and the way she dressed. Not having it, Obilor shot back with an inspiring message of being proud of who she was that went viral on social media even getting the attention of Chance The Rapper.

“I always chose to focus on the love and positivity of it all….You feel the spirit it’s like an overwhelming experience,” explained Obilor of the love she’s received from people.

Body shaming is a reoccurring offense that happens in all areas of life, but Obilor isn’t shaken by it.

“I know who I am. I’m grateful to have a strong family and a huge network of support.” Obilor takes offense to those comments because of the “underlying message that who she is (I am)  is not enough and that is not okay.”


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2 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: Traffic Reporter Demetria Oblior Swerves On Haters

  1. Khafee on said:

    I listened to the interview and I respect what she had to say. But, curves are not impossible to hide or cover. There are many dress options that can minimize the emphasis on a curvy figure, and they are not potato sacks. When a woman puts on form fitting clothes she’s usually aware of the message she’s trying to convey. So, by the look of the dress it was indeed her intent to display a very sexy image. That’s not such a bad thing, but I’m not sure why she felt she needed to be so sexy at work. Furthermore, more and more women are conforming to this current trend of being super curvy. I see it as another case of mind programming and social conditioning on the population, this time aimed at women, which dictates the symbol of beauty. At one point thin was in. So, whatever society says is in next, then you will see (some) women adjusting themselves—again– to look like that. SMH. Just be you. You are enough.

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