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The retired police chief of a New Jersey township has been arrested and charged with a hate crime by the FBI for smashing a handcuffed African-American suspect in a 2016 door jam arrest.

CNN reports that a criminal complaint against Frank Nucera Jr., the former chief who resigned in January, revealed his violence towards “African-Americans, using the n-word and other epithets.”

Nucera expressed to an officer in his department that “The n****s are like ISIS, they have no value.”

In an affidavit, Nucera revealed a deeper hate for African-Americans when he said, “They should line them all up and mow ’em down.”

Following his charge for a hate crime, the former chief will be charged with “deprivation of rights by using excessive force” for an arrest last September.

The affidavit went on to explain how Nucera wanted to use police dogs in a discriminating way to intimidate African-Americans.

Nucera worked as the chief of Bordentown, a New Jersey town that consists of mostly White people, since 1983.

On November 1, 2017, he went to court where he “waived his right to a preliminary hearing.” He got out on a $500,000 bail.


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(Source: CNN)

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46 thoughts on “Former NJ Police Chief Charged With Hate Crime Against African Americans

  1. Barbara Dates on said:

    this is just sucking that he has the nerve to do such a awful thing to another human being. He has no respect for the badge. Racism is real y’all. He should go his ass to jail and the individual should sue his ass and the police dept.

  2. Knowledge on said:

    With these findings every black man that has been locked up in this town especially by this man should have their cases reviewed.

  3. Chris Mason on said:

    As I read Deuteronomy chapter 28, I can only think of how we “African Americans”, are truly cursed! Everyone hates us! How can this ” phenomenon” not be biblical??!! These demons hate just to hate and they don’t know why! But now, I know!

    • Passing Through! on said:

      I’m not cursed and I will never let any white racist make me feel like my blackness is a mistake nor will I buy into white racist ass Christianity that lies about Jesus being blon & white.”I have not to apologize to anyone for being black because the God almighty knew what he was doing when he made me black” Marcus Garvey

      • Chris Mason on said:

        Passing Through-if you read Deuteronomy, you’ll find that the Most High chose us! We are the original Hebrew Isarelites and because we chose to be disobedient, we were and are cursed to this very day! But I don’t despair!!! The Most High will make things right and his people will be delivered from darkness! We have no clue as to who we are! Shalom!

      • Passing Through! on said:

        GTFOH!!!! You’re here every day dogging black people & have the nerve to speak about self respect with your fske black ass!!!!

  4. NO ONE is above the law, not police, not judges, not politicians. Those who have been charged with or convicted of crimes should be forced to wear a GPS tracking device linked to a public website so WE can track their movements 24/7 and be ready if they come into OUR neighborhood! ALL crimes should be reported to law enforcement immediately. Don’t let college administrators or church officials or government agencies cover up embarrassing and criminal deeds to protect their reputation from bad publicity. Look what happened at Penn State with Coach Sandusky, and to the Catholic Church with all those child molesters….they covered up these crimes way too long. So did Hollywood with Weinstein and all those other sex offenders. If the police and prosecutors fail to take action, charge THEM with malfeasance of their public office. If you can afford it, hire a mean lawyer to sue the Hell out of that institution or company or government agency that covers up crimes! And make them all take polygraph exams so they can’t lie their way out of it! It is a criminal offense to harbor a fugitive or suborn perjury.

  5. Passing Through!! on said:


    No doubt! There are probably hundreds of black men wrongfully incarcerated who are sitting in prison right now. Every year we see some black man being released from spending 20 years behind bars after DNA found him innocent, just like they inflate black on black crime statistics by reporting none violent incidents as black crime.

  6. The two America’s – tax paid “protect & serve” vs tax paid “Patrolled & Policed!” Is it surprising that Gen. Kelly is speaking (on Fox “Faux” News) about the Civil War (monuments or anything else) in the 21st century – centuries removed from Emancipation (I add) seemingly some suggest that “We” AA descendants are STILL

    “waiting for creeds to live up to their Constitutional selves!”

    Pffft miss me on the Superiority in “patriotism,” citizenship or Humanity!

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Funny…all I hear is silence from the resident coons…ah that would be you fake doc, mac ben and especially jhuf. Oh right, it’s not about a black man who committed a crime.

      • specialt757 on said:

        T can you imagine how many of the black people he locked up are innocent of the crimes against them? As we see and hear more often, blacks are arrested, detained and sentenced for crimes they didn’t commit because of the racial biases and prejudices of the prosecutors, police officers, and others in the judicial system. And then people want to bring the statistics of crimes committed by blacks. I bet half those crimes were not committed by blacks, but yet they are serving time or dead because of racists like Nucera. If the prison population represented the true perpetrators, whites would outnumber blacks and non-white 3:1 minimum, but they don’t get the same justices we get.
        They only show crimes on the news of major cities for the most part, but what about the crimes committed in the rural & country areas? No one ever sees that because it’s rarely reported on the news, especially our daily news. We only hear about it if it’s truly horrific. White folks kill their own just like blacks kill their own. But of course, they don’t want you to know that.

  8. He wanted to put the dogs on AA as a form of intimidation – – that is their problem…..their greatest fear is being realized…..we are not afraid of them!!

  9. They are always talking about holding folks to a higher standard because of their position……well, here you have it. He should lose his freedom and his pension. If these bigoted, racist pos cops would start loosing their pension or be allowed to personally be sued for these shitty acts and not taking settlements out of taxpayers’ pockets, we would start to see fewer incidents. Right now, there is no real consequences for them. Take their money because that is all that really matters to them.

  10. B.Marquez on said:

    Nocera is latin, and really strange that they seem to be the first ones that throw you under the bus. The Sandra Bland incident, policemen was latin, Travian Martin, Zimmerman was latin, adopted by a Jew stepfather. The list goes on…..shameful, these are individuals who do not know who they really are. They are under a spirit of delusion.

    • Hispanics come in all colors and some WHITE HISPANICS (e.g. Zimmerman and Ted Cruz) emphasize the first ethnic adjective in their social-political outlook,leaning right .They rely on the 2d however to advance themselves career-wise for positions where “diversity” is sought ,even if they despise such hiring policies when applied to other (darker) minorities.It helped get Cruz elected but never worked for a loser like Zimmerman and has now backfired on this LECHON.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Understand that these people like Frank Nucera are ethnic whites, a lot of Italians , Latin’s, White Hispanics see themselves as part of the white race. They’re no different than the mentally ill blacks like Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Charles Barkley, Clarence Thomas who identify with white racist. When an ethnic person adopts the religious, social, political ideologies/beliefs of a racist they act and think just like them. Just listen to Larry Elder and hear how sick, stupid and self-loathing he sounds licking these racist boots. I remember when Ben Carson was campaigning under the delusion that the racist would let him be president, he was on a radio show, when they ask him about racism he deflected the question by doing what racist whites do tactic 101 he brought up black on black crime. This black fool criminalized black people to defend racist and racism. And I thought how could you be brilliant enough to become a brain surgeon and be this god d**n stupid to be the water carrier for a bunch of racist who have no value for you as a black man! He beat these people intellectually and yet was inferior minded enough to join them. Frank Nucera is no different, but he found out the hard way his whiteness did not provide him with the complexion for the protection.

  11. He should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law just like any other common street thug. Only the charges should be enhanced because of the position he held in the community. Just thinking about him being thrown into gen pop makes my mouth water. And kudos the officer that turned him in. “Officer” Nutcera is truly the lowest of the low.

  12. Robbin Slaughter on said:

    Lock his ass up with nothing but black men but find the biggest one to bend him over …
    catch him when he drops the soap lmao imagine that Nucera …

  13. Honestly on said:

    Dumb pasta n!@@er won’t be convicted. His arrest and charge is nothing but symbolism. He will walk free, history illustrates this fact. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  14. African American Woman on said:

    This guy is disgusting and I hate to think how many innocent people suffered because of him. This guy is a true racist and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible AND made to pay restitution to everyone he victimized.

    • Ms Redd on said:

      I don’t understand why so called non-color folk think the U.S. is their country. It’s not. They took it from God’s people. How about we give our people a name and say we’re “Black Supremists” We’re more superior then no-colored people, they are inferior of their own race. No colored people are so afraid that us black folk are going to get ahead of them, (which we already are) they can’t stand it.

  15. For some reason, Italians have never had any love for people of color-even though Italy is only a stones throw away from Egypt on the map.

    This RACIST turd deserves the MAXIMUM punishment-since he has been charged with a HATE CRIME.

    This POS is probably only the tip of the iceberg regarding PIGS in the State of NJ.

    with a lot of BIG BUFF BROTHERS who BEAT THE PASTA OUT OF HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!

    Bye boy!


  17. Considering NJ is a BLUE state I’d say Bernie Sanders supporter, like the Vegas shooter as far as lining AA’s up and shooting them just send them to Camden NJ instead,
    their brothers in arms will take care of the rest

  18. specialt757 on said:

    And he probably voted for #45 and #45 doesn’t even want his kind over here. What a joke. I find him despicable and the saddest part, he won’t be convicted and he will get to enjoy his pension. He has some nerve, he’s the new N. I hope his ass is mowed down and attack by police k9s. F**k him and all the other racist MIB.
    Why is race and issue every f**kin’ day? Because of mofos like this asswipe. Die b-otch! (Nucera)

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