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The owner of the Houston Texans Bob McNair did not attend his meeting with the NAACP following his comment “inmates running the prison.”

ABC 13 reports that “health reasons” prevented McNair from showing up to the meeting Monday night, October 30, 2017. The meeting was focused on his “inmates running the prison” comment.

His comment from earlier this month led to an on-field protest by Houston Texans players during their game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, October 29, 2017.


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(Source: ABC 13)

(AP Photo/Brandon Wade, File)

18 thoughts on “Houston Texans Owner ‘No Show’ At NAACP Meeting

  1. specialt757 on said:

    They’ll give back those multi-million dollar checks when McNair gives back the multi-millions he’s made off their use of their names, skills & talents, broken bones, and long lasting injuries to their bodies. They earned it.

    • No, I don’t mean give back the paychecks they already earned when they didn’t realize they worked for a racist. I mean future paychecks that will be paid by a dyed in the wool racist who views them as convicts. Just give ’em back and keep kneeling. Show ‘im how you really feel.

      • specialt757 on said:

        That’s their choice to play for this racist bastard, and I would make his ass suffer in every way possible, while playing the sport I love and if kneeling is what I have to do, then I would kneel. Unfortunately, the NFL is the only game in town and these guys start out darn near as toddlers playing and hoping to one-day play in NFL. It’s not right or fair for them to be called inmates. The owners don’t have to like them, but they should respect them enough not to call them inmates. Pretty sure you wouldn’t like it your boss called you an inmate.

  2. FallMornings on said:

    They are not giving back those multi-million dollar paychecks and he is not going to sell his franchise. None of those two things are happening. We need to form our own ball clubs, baseball, basketball and football and hire our own. What was the NAACP going to do?

  3. These men work for an organization whose owner is racist, a bigot and have a slave owner’s mentality, according to them. If they really want to show how strongly they feel about his values, they should protest by not cashing those multi-million dollar paychecks and refuse to get on the field. That’ll learn ‘im.

  4. He, like so many rich & poor white folks have the slave master’s mentality that black folks should be grateful and do exactly what they’re told. In that meeting he was saying we owners are running this show and they (those Ns) need to do what we tell them to do. Everyone seems to be glossing over the true meaning behind his “analogy”.
    This fugly dude said exactly what he meant and he meant what he said. The apology was fake and he knew he had f**ked up and all his billions wasn’t going to get him out of that hole. Of course he didn’t show up to the NACCP meeting, he feels he has nothing to explain, in his mind, it’s done and over.

  5. Mcnair’s comments sounded like a SLAVE MASTER reprimanding his SLAVES.
    He needs to go sit his RACIST ASS down somewhere and STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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