As Tom would say, “loves are still in need of love today,” in the aftermath of the terrible hurricane season. So he decided to put on the Friends With Benefits comedy show designed to help those affected.

Marvin Dixon will be one of the comedians performing and is excited to lend his funny to the show!

Being from Miami, he had family that experienced the hardships of Hurricane Irma.”My mother didn’t have any lights for three weeks. I had a cousin who passed due to complications,” explained Dixon.

The comedian was a bit ticked off about news coverage of hurricanes. “They talk about it a couple days and then move on to the next story, ” he explained.

The Friends With Benefits comedy show will take place at the Bethesda Jazz & Blues Club in Bethesda, Maryland. On October 26 and 27 from 7 to 9 pm you can see your favorite comedians give the funny for a good cause. For more information on tickets click here.

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