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Twitter’s temporary suspension of Rose McGowan’s account amid her emotional reaction to Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault claims has sparked a movement.

Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington are just some of the celebs supporting today’s day-long #WomenBoycottTwitter protest in support of women whose voices have been silenced.

“Starts now,” Scandal‘s Kerry Washington tweeted before going off the Twitter grid on Friday morning. Elizabeth Banks, too, noted she’s “taking a mental health break from Twitter,” while Gabrielle Union declared, “Let’s go.”

Others urged fans to follow them on Instagram in lieu of Twitter. “I stand with my sisters,” Gina Rodriguez wrote. “I won’t be live tweeting the premiere of Jane the Virgin tomorrow. Instead, come on over to @instagram I’ll do BTS!”

Twitter claimed the situation with McGowan was not due to her comments regarding Harvey Weinstein, but rather that “one of her Tweets included a private phone number,” which violates the platform’s Terms of Service. The actress returned to Twitter after her 12-hour suspension with claims that Harvey Weinstein raped her, clarifying previous statements that she had been sexually assaulted by an unnamed studio head.

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Celebs Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault
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One thought on “Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington Join Twitter Boycott Over McGowan Suspension

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