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(Via Extra) – “Don’t Be Tardy” star Kim Zolciak-Biermann is making a return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and the drama that goes along with it!

Kim told “Extra” all about what fans can expect from both shows, including her son Cash getting attacked by a dog and her showdown with Kenya Moore on “RHOA.”

Zolciak-Biermann shared, “’Housewives of Atlanta’ is a totally different vibe. It’s really fun to have some girl time and get away from the family per se, it’s a lot more chaotic… We all don’t get along.”

Kim and Kenya Moore had heated exchanges during the last season, including one reportedly over comments Kenya made about her kids. She commented, “Kenya is a different person… I don’t want to meet anybody that is like Kenya ever again. She is just not a very good person… inside her soul is not a very good person.”

Along with saying that Kenya has a way of pushing buttons, Kim affirmed, “I don’t know Kenya enough to care or ever have a relationship.” Of the rumors that Kenya is leaving the show, Kim said, “I can only hope that Kenya quits the show… Let’s just hope Kenya quits the show.”

She is back on good terms with on-again, off-again BFF Nene Leakes, who is also back on the show, commenting, “Nene is a lot of fun.” Shereé Whitfield is on the show again, too. “Nene, Shereé and I have known each other for 15 years,” Kim noted.

As for her sixth season of “Don’t Be Tardy,” Kim dished, “A lot emotions, some good, some really positive, happy tears, then there is some really horrible, dramatic tears.”

Some of those tears were for her son Cash, who was attacked by a dog. She revealed, “Hardest season I have ever done because of the situation with my son Cash… You definitely get an inside view on what can happen, real-life stuff.”

Her 4-year-old, who underwent surgery after the dog bite, is recovering well. She shared, “Cash is doing awesome. He looks great — he still has a black eye.”

While cameras were rolling through the whole ordeal, Zolciak-Biermann really grappled with whether to include it in the new season. As for why she featured it, Kim explained, “We are sharing to raise awareness because I never thought it would happen to me or my child… We have been so lucky he didn’t lose his eye.”


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10 thoughts on “Kim Zolciak Dishes On Her Drama With Kenya Moore

  1. I’ll be tuning in tonite because I am a sucka and I been watching since season 1. I have a love hate thing with Kim.. she gets in my nerves majority of the time, but sometimes she is likeable. I always remember back of her dating poppa he married man and lying that she had cancer. I am not sure how she pulled her husband now.

  2. I will not watch the bullshit just because that white bitch is on there and she’s coming for a sister and the other sister’s instead of sticking together the turn on the sister we have the Willie Lynch bad we better come together before it’s to late and the reason Kim is back is because she need the money her husband is not playing football and she have all them kids. And they act like they hate that Kenya have a husband. Get rid of Kim and Nene and just maybe you all will get some ratings.

  3. Dr. Lawrence on said:

    You bitches know straight up what they won’t be lacking? Uh-huh, weave and drama be the staple of black women. Only wish they could cash it in for class and education

  4. Kayla, I am surprise that Kim is going back on the show. I guess her money is drying up, I hope she does not have her bad ass kids on the show, they are so disrespectful, To see kids on national TV cursing is ridiculous, that is nothing pretty to watch. Kim has so much injections in her face, she is ready for Halloween.

  5. Chastity on said:

    Andy needs to get rid of both of them!!!! In fact, people really should stop watching these shows. I know I am at the point to where I am tired of all the nonsense and the negative depiction of women they provide. It is not just RHOA because all the cities have women that act the same way as the ones in ATL. If they cancelled it, I would not care.

  6. Delusional Kenya is a liar and trouble maker. She made it seem like her precious dog was killed and had this so called dog funeral. She tormented boyfriend until he started acting out. She lied and played with his emotions. She better be glad that he didn’t hurt her.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    I know some of y’all don’t like Kenya but btwn those photos of these two women, All day, every day Kenya looks 10 times better than that horses ass and plastic filled Kim dragon face Z. Okay I know that wasn’t nice, but the truth is not always pretty lol.
    SN: I find it interesting that it’s mentioned several times her child was bitten by a dog, was it their dog or another dog? It’s only odd because there is no mention of any pending lawsuits against the dog’s owner. Maybe they mentioned it on the show, but I don’t watch this trash.

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