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Lane Bryant Launches #PlusIsEqual Campaign

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Wendy Williams wants you to know that she’s not sweating the criticism she’s received for some of her vacation pics.

The Internet was less than kind when pictures of Wendy enjoying a day on the beach surfaced on Twitter this week. Black Twitter roasted her.

So much shade might damage someone with thinner skin, but Wendy seemed positively unbothered in her response to bodyshamers. But Wendy seems to have just chalked it up to the nature of showbiz, and she even poked a little fun at herself. Besides, she’s been blasted about her beach pics before.

In a video she posted today on Instagram, Wendy can be seen floating around in the waters of Barbados and enjoying her surroundings.

“If you’re gonna live in a glass house…I’ll see you Monday and oh yes, I will talk about my beach body,” she wrote. “P.S. I never go in the water without a few floatation devices.”

It’s clear that Wendy has heard the remarks about her body and she’s got some thoughts about, but she’s not interrupting her time off to address the matter.

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12 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Unbothered By Internet Critics After Bikini Photo

  1. Iris Sanders on said:

    She needs to even her body out. Take some of that breast augmentation and put some in her butt. Not a lot, just enough to compliment her body. I think she wants her body to be like Dolly Parton. All breasts and no ass. Its not flattering on a black woman.

  2. Sassyblue on said:

    Disgusting. At some point you start dressing appropriately for your body. The micro mini dresses and the bikini are not for her body and age has nothing to do with it. Dress for your body and you’ll look 100% better. And yes, it bothers her she just won’t admit it because she constantly talks negative about everyone else and she lots some weight so she actually thinks she looks good. Stop being in denial, the mirror will tell your the truth, you just have to listen.

  3. i heard someone say, they saw more butt on a cigarette than what Wendy has. How jacked up is your body that your bikini bottom flaps in the wind?

  4. specialt757 on said:

    I’ll just shake my head because I can’t afford to talk about no body’s body, when I look in the mirror I get sick lol. I made a promise to myself years ago I would not buy a double-digit size anything and before it got to that I would lose weight, EVERYDAY after-work the gym it is, no bulls**t, I hit the gym everyday even if it’s just for 30 – 45 minutes of cardio.
    I’m to old for a two-piece ill fitting bikini like Wendy, but I will be rocking a two-piece tank-top and hips covering bottoms summer 2018 LOL!

    • I agree. She is bothered by it otherwise she would not have said nothing. But to me, she is getting her own dirt back. Glad she lost weight but she is torn up and need to firm up before getting in a two piece. It does not matter if you are heavy or skinny, firm up. Look at the heavy model who was on the cover this year, she was heavy/full figure but she was firm and looked great and she is humble so when haters came after her, haters made themselves look stupid, Wendy, on the other hand, is viewed getting her dirt back and she does not look good in the bikini which gives her haters power and speak truth.

  5. Chastity on said:

    I cannot stand this drag queen looking thing. All she does is talk about people, yet she is one of the most ugliest women on tv. She spends her days talking about people’s lives when she needs to be worried about her own. She has a son who hates her and a husband who cheats on her constantly. She needs to fix her own life and botched up body before worrying about everyone else’s. Her body is a mess and looks like a “Weird Science” project gone SO wrong. I cannot stand to hear her say, “How you doing?” The heifer stole that from Joey on the tv show “Friends”.

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