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If you ever gave thought to Janet Jackson‘s marriage to Muslim billionaire Wissam Al Man and said to yourself that something wasn’t quite right, you just may have been on to something and didn’t know it.

According to Janet’s brother, Randy Jackson, during the marriage, Al Mana was said to be verbally abusive to Janet and made her feel like a ‘prisoner’ in her own home.

“It was quite an abusive situation,” Randy claims. “It came on later in the relationship, verbal abuse and being [made to feel like] a prisoner in her own home. No pregnant woman needs to go through being called a bitch every day. There were things like that. That’s what she went through.”

When asked for comment, Al Mana’s legal peeps say not only are the allegations not true, but they are hurtful as well.

“Mr. Al Mana is not going to dignify these particular and deeply hurtful allegations with a response. The breakdown of his marriage to Janet Jackson is a cause of great sadness to Mr. Al Mana, and it is the well-being and privacy of their son, Eissa, that remains his sole focus.”

Randy’s response was that the abuse was not physical, but he still tried to get Janet out of the situation long before she actually left.

“I told her, ‘You’ve got to move in with me or I’m going to go over there and there’s going to be hell.’ She was really pissed off. I told her, ‘I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of it. It’s too much,’ ” he says

“My mom and [sister] Rebbie came out [to London].”

“I didn’t want them to know. My parents are up there in age so I wanted to protect them as much as possible, but now they know. Everybody in the family knows.”

(AP Photo/Guttman Associates, Marco Glaviano)

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11 thoughts on “Randy Jackson Says Janet Was In An Abusive Marriage

  1. Dear sweet honest Janet we all love you and support you dearly, everyone is so happy to have you back. You are a strong black woman and I know that Michael is o your right side. Ypu go girlfriend! !!

  2. Oma Tekoa on said:

    This is what happens when you get married to a practising Muslim especially those from a foreign country. It is just the way they see life – that women are inferior. So, our sisters should bear this in mind when looking elsewhere. I mean if it can happen to our queen, it can happen to YOU! Be warned!

    • Yes, it is very likely that the cultural differences between the two resulted in an abusive marriage because of how women are regarded in other parts of the world. I also wonder why Randy appointed himself the spokesman for Janet? My understanding is that the Jacksons aren’t really that close and barely keep in touch with each other.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Okay wait, wait, wait, just because someone says it, doesn’t make it so. We always jump to conclusions because we “LIKE” the person, but we are only looking at the surface. Sooner or later the full truth will come out. I’m not ready to throw this guy in jail or have him killed because he was “verbally abusive”. And depending on the person, raising your voice one octane could be considered abusive, so…. let’s just chill for a minute, Janet is not even the one making the accusation.
    And second, this man wants some type of custody of his son, which he has the same amount of rights as his ex-wife. Plenty of times, we’ve seen this scenario play out, just to gain the upper hand in court, not fair. And for the record, I have NOTHING against Janet but I’m not swayed in any direction.

  4. This is NOT an uncommon story Western women need to educate themselves about
    Middle eastern culture most Muslim Country’s look at women as 2nd class citizens
    Saudi Arabia for instance

    • Not really. Look at it, Janet always have HOLD INFORMATION about herself until later on it gets revealed during a cd or interview. She was marred to him for a minute before she broke the news about it to the public (no one even knew she was dating him).

  5. Not Surprise. When it was announced she was married to this guy, I sense it was not going to last and I am not surprise he abused her. A middle eastern man with money. Seems like the money attracted her first (yes, she has her own but to marry a man with more is viewed better); and then we saw Janet changing. No way this was going to last.

    • Virginia on said:

      None of us know what happened in her marriage, but on the money thing, I think many celebrities marry people with money because they wants somebody who doesn’t need THEIR money. Face it, a lot of these celebrities wouldn’t have the beautiful spouses they have if they didn’t have money, and they know it. Janet had her own money, and could have lived very well without this man. But I’m sure he courted HER, and she felt that he wanted Her, and not her money. It’s a difficult position to be in.

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