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A new video claiming to show Kenneka Jenkins enjoying herself at a party in a hotel where she was later found dead was posted online early Wednesday morning. The video was put on Facebook by a man who wanted to prove he was at the party, according to the website which first reported about the video.

Randle Jordan’s nearly five-minute video was allegedly recorded live from the hotel room in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont and was supposed to show Jenkins on film on two separate occasions. The claims were impossible to verify immediately.

The video definitely shows a party in what appears to be a hotel room, complete with loud music, dancing and drinking.

“Research” helped determine that Jordan “only put the video out because people where arguing with him saying he wasnt there,” the Twitter account associated with the website that first reported on the new video told News One.

Jenkins was first reported missing by her friends early Saturday morning following the party at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center. However, social media has alleged that her friends set Jenkins up to be raped but police have not confirmed a sexual assault or anything else that would have led Jenkins to be ultimately found dead in a walk-in storage freezer in the hotel. Jenkins’ mother has said that her daughter’s friends have repeatedly changed their stories, which has only made her more suspicious and eager for answers.

Police were working to track down all the people at the party, according to the New York Daily News. A separate video from the party that was streamed live on Facebook was already under investigation by police, it was announced Tuesday.

A number of deaths and incidents of violence have been streamed live on Facebook in the recent past, but the social media giant stands by its policies to police such content.

Citing security concerns, Facebook declined to officially comment on this specific case “because all the facts haven’t been sorted out,” company spokesperson Ruchika Budhraja told News One in an exclusive statement Tuesday. However, she added, “Facebook regularly meets with law enforcement and responds to the legal process in situations like this.”

SOURCE: All New Shit, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News


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10 thoughts on “New Video Surfaces In Kenneka Jenkins Death

  1. Is that really the best video they can find of her? Smoking weed and looking like a fool in a red weave of European hair. Damm we a broke people. Damm

      • specialt757 on said:

        See kates this is what I’m talking about. This woman lost her child and fake doc post the same post as Guest1 as a matter of fact he copied and pasted fake doc’s post and changed some words. But instead of condemning him for his HATE SPEECH you have nothing to say. Where are your prayers to her, regardless of it all, she is in pain because her child is dead through no fault of hers.
        But wait though, maybe you don’t want God to have mercy on fake doc’s soul.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        I am merely calling out the behavior that is the root cause of these incidents. Without exception, a single black mother that has provided no positive direction, goals, or priority to education to their offspring is the catalyst. The behavior of the child is the proof….emphasis on hair, nails, and partying. Look around at the friends she has chosen, hoodrats. This behavior is learned by example. Example of single mother.
        Speaking of the mother, I have seen nothing but, first, blaming the police for not acting fast enough and keeping her away from the scene. Day 2 all she could reference was Go Fund Me accounts. Unfortunately, the tragic loss of a child is now monetized by our culture. This is the culture that gives rise to these events. This is what must change. Just because you HATE hearing these cold hard facts, does not qualify it as HATE SPEECH. To say the mother bears no blame for this incident, is completely wrong.

      • specialt757 on said:

        @fake doc, the same way the mother of the kid who shot up the school earlier this week bears responsibility for his actions. You don’t call that out, but ALWAYS without missing a beat negative and generalized comments about black mothers. I hope your mother isn’t or wasn’t black, I’m sure she’s embarrassed by you. It’s HATE SPEECH not because I don’t like it, but because you HATE black women, thus you HATE yourself.

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    Wow. Is there some type of chemical reaction that is taking place with these hood rats weave that is making their brain short circuit? If Kenneka heeded my warning of, where there is 3 or more, get out the door. She’d be alive today

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