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The daughter of Kendu Isaacs broke her silence about her dad’s messy divorce from Mary J. Blige during an emotional moment on “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

Briana Latrise admits missing the singer terribly since the Queen of Hip Hop Soul split from her dad.

“Me and Mary, I thought we had, like, a real thing,” she says in a clip. “I love her, and I get it. She’s going through things, so she probably can’t talk to me right now and I respect that, but to me, it’s almost like I lost somebody.”

Speaking directly to the Blige, she added: “I haven’t heard from you since you filed for divorce. It almost makes me feel like, ‘Did I have something to do with it?’ ’cause she’s not talking to me. What did I do?”

Watch below:


Meanwhile, in a new interview, Blige described Kendu as a con-artist and gold digger who is trying to get as much money from her as possible.

“I am doing OK. I am living. I am not happy about a lot of things. I thought someone loved me, right? It turns out, he was a con artist, and he did not, and now he is coming after me for all my money,” she told Variety.

Meanwhile, in a new interview, Blige described Kendu as a con-artist and gold digger who is trying to get as much money from her as possible.

“I am doing OK. I am living. I am not happy about a lot of things. I thought someone loved me, right? It turns out, he was a con artist, and he did not, and now he is coming after me for all my money,” she told Variety.

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26 thoughts on “Mary J. Blige’s Stepdaughter Says She Hasn’t Spoke With Her Since The Divorce

  1. It is Divorce 101 – plain and simple. People take sides during a divorce. About a year after the divorce is over, people come back together and start telling all the stuff they knew about during the marriage. But some of the people who were friends to the couple, never come around. They take sides. You find out who your real friends were.

  2. Jennifer evans on said:

    Look mart is dealing with the hurt and just can’t talk yet..its not the kids fault thats between them. Mary is a good kind loving strong woman and this hurt her deeply jus maybe hard to talk and see bri,but after time mart will reach out to her. I pray for her and the family and for her heart to heal sooner.

  3. Sad…. u help raise a child… that child looks to u as a perental figure…. and then u drop them? I could never do that to someone grown or young n Mary was in that girls life from very young… as an elder she should be able to have a relationship w her w/o her dad… she had a separate relationship w her before. SAD don’t marry someone w kids if ur gonna trash the child cuz it didn’t work out w the parent. Grow up, this is why children hate step parents in the first place… mf don’t really give a fuck about u.

    • MonaSandler on said:

      Alexis if you haven’t live then they home don’t make bad assumptions. You don’t know what happen between there closed doors, Nor do you know if the father is making it hard were she can be in contact with them. They are not her children so her lawyer might have told her for now stand clear of the kids until they are done fighting with this asshole of a father. Mary is very loving and I know she would not put kids in a middle of a messy situation but the father will. I met Mary more than once back stage with my little sister at her concerts and she is the sweetest she even was very nice to my sister hug her, kiss her, took a pic with her, and everything.

    • Truth on said:

      First off, that grown ass woman is 31 so help raise her is a stretch. Second even some of her “friends” don’t even want to deal with her nasty ass attitude. Everywhere she goes she brings negativity

  4. Margo Mays on said:

    It’s plain an simple she don’t want to talk to nobody in the family leave her alone yr father should get a job an taken care of y’all he’s a bum a dressed up bum

  5. Dimetrius Hill on said:

    She need to move on Mary j blige don’t want nothing to do with her and her daddy.Just b glade u get to be on growing up hip hop off her name so bye

  6. I love Mary but she is cancelled in my book. I’ll still listen to her music because it’s good but she keeps picking the wrong men. She has fame and fortune but she still messes with hood dudes. That tells me that she can’t let the projects go you can’t be ghetto your whole life.

    • Queen Anita Soul on said:

      How is she cancelled I like to know that and what does her picking the wrong man have to do with you
      That’s her private business I’m sure you ain’t always pick the right man either and you don’t have to be from the ghetto to picj a bad person ln somebody’s life you can be from a high-class neighborhood and still be the wrong person in somebody’s life
      you don’t know anything about her picking somebody from the ghetto cuz he was in the music industry a lot of people came from the hood who left the the hood
      For the record they don’t fix ghettos
      People go back to the hood so that they don’t forget where they come from because they grew up with people in the hood you don’t supposed to forget those who got stuck there

      Is people like you is the reason why black people can reunite and rebuild cuz you think just because she made it out that she shouldn’t go back shame on you

    • Queen Anita Soul on said:

      It’s People like u r
      The reason
      Why Black People Can”t Come together
      One you probably don’t even know Mary personally to make assumptions about her whole life cuz I’m sure you ain’t been around her her whole life you heard about two relationships in public that she been in which was KC from Jodeci and this cat
      I’m sure they got some bad seeds of men in your neighborhood as well and I’m sure you ain’t from the ghetto as you put it

    • MonaSandler on said:

      We’ll don’t you sound dumb as fuck lol what the fuck the ghetto gotta do with her relationship. She married her damn manager not the damn hood you judgmental dumb fuck. It does not matter were a man or woman come from love is love. There is a lot of hood thug men out there that are celebrities and woman that I am sure you are shaking your worthless ass too. I am pretty sure Mary wouldn’t give two fucks about you canceling her out your none educated book. Word of advice dummy, it’s not were you from that makes you who you are. Its how you are raised and carry your self in the world that makes you who you are. I would love to know what part of the world you shop for your men at that just makes them perfect were you never had a break up in your life or been hurt. Don’t worry I’ll sit and wait on that reply. AGAIN don’t judge nobody life if your shit is not A one. She going through what 99.1 men and woman are going through every day. Everyone has a type just because she wealthy does not mean she needs to date uncle tom. Get your life together boo before you comment another dumb ass comment on anyone. That step-daughter should be grateful she getting any type of life off Mary name. Lord knows her daddy is not doing shit that’s the reason his broke ass want Mary money without Mary he is not shit. She wrote her music, She got her music out there, In pay back to him she help raise all 3 of his kids since they were in grade school. As I see it Mary is A STRONG BLACK WOMAN!

  7. Sometimes one has to divorce the ENTIRE family, especially when it is “messy” divorce. I dated a guy once whose children became very attached to me, but when I broke up with him, I broke up with the kids, too. When I see them today as adults, I show them love, but I’m not trying to “be friends” with them. Nope. What’s done is done.

  8. Cheryl D Thompson on said:

    Shenetta with all due respect…MJB is not your healer..God was and is.. And she herself would tell you that. She is a firm believer in Jesus. She will tell you that..He used her as an instrument in your life. Her music is very therapeutic. She has touched many of us fans. God hears your prayers… Don’t ever think that a mere person no matter who they are is more or did something more than God… That is a huge and incorrect thought. You be blessed and read you Bible. (John 9:31)

  9. Shenetta on said:

    My girl mj she’s my heailer I know she will be ok just give her some time she my hero when I was going through a horrible breakup I thought God didn’t hear me but Mary j heal me throw her music…the queen is strong we have so much in coma her father was like my father her mother was like my mother n I was just like her n so many words girl friend I have to write this book of us love u Mary no matter what the question is the answer is God all around the border let no one steal your joy trust n believe he will be serve nothing will make him happy .youre strong board you’re still loveable in thus world you got to stay pray all day so when the evil come you know how to handle it so keep your head real high because you’re a child of God. My word do what you have two do to be able to do what you want to …love you beautiful queen

  10. leadjustone on said:

    From the few times I have seen this girl on Growing up Hip Hop, she comes across as very messy and ghetto. If she is genuinely hurt, that’s unfortunate, but she needs to move on. I hope Mary will soon be able to put all of this in the rearview mirror, where it belongs. Turns out Kendu was not Prince Charming after all. He was (and is) a major fraud/frog…same thing.

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