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kendu-mjbMary J Blige‘s husband Kendu Isaacs may not win Father of the Year if you believe his daughter Briana who is allegedly homeless and pregnant. The couple who have been going through it financially, is now having to deal with Briana putting them on blast on Twitter.

And then she goes in for the kill:

Screen+Shot+2013-05-28+at+9.32.41+PMI think Briana needs to take responsibility for her actions,not her parents. If you are grown enough to lay down and have sex, then you need to be woman enough to handle the repercussions. Not saying her parents should leave her in the street, but there are way too many option out here to prevent pregnancy.

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22 thoughts on “Mary J.Blige’s Stepdaughter Homeless & Pregnant

  1. LadiiDee on said:

    If she stayed in new York she could have went to the path intake for homeless families and got her ass some help. I hate when grown ass kids do shit and blame there parents.
    Girl grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your actions. Where your baby daddy at? Why he not helping and housing you?
    Damn shame smmfh to the ignorance of this child having a child.

  2. she calls herself a woman but she doesn’t act like one/a woman will stand up andtake on her own responsibilty.she’s putting everything on her dad and putting mary j on blast why she didn’t pnclude her mother and the dude who got her pregnant.and she is to dam dumb,i bet she has a secret about who she is pregnant for and her mother may know also that’s why she is on the street she needs to get it together,her dad and mary probably would have taken her in but now as the old folks say watch out for that snake because they may turn and bite you,.now what did she accomplished? nothing

  3. Ruth O'hara on said:

    oops, the numbering changed, I meant this post says it all:

    SLJ on May 31, 2013 at 12:39 pm said:

    If my advise is not good enough for you to take…then my money isn’t either.

  4. Sexy Leroy on said:

    and this is MJ’s problem how?? If this girl is old enough to bust-a-nut and make babies she is old enough to get a damn job and take care of her self!

  5. She is still someones’s child regardless of how old she gets or the mistakes she’s made. Reading these comments you’d think we live in a world of perfect people. And I’m sure none of you have EVER needed some’s help to get to where you are now. People talk about teens and young adults like they should know it all and forget about who their role models are. And for those of you perfect individuals that do not think you play a role in todays young people mentality you are sadly mistaken. And I really hate when I see or hear someone say ” legally” now she’s an adult. I hear men say all the time “when they turn 18”. Regardless of when they turn 18 or 20 they are still your flesh and blood and family is respeonsible for family period! You know why our child are considered worthless and young black men lives are taken like they mean nothing? Because we let them tell us what our children are worth and we have bought into it. Take care of your own and if other in the community aren’t gonna help the next man shut the hell up and get out the way so that someone else can. But by the grace of GOD go I.

    • Just remember, they help theirs regardless of what they do or don’t do and we trash ours, turn our nose up in the air like we’re better and talk about each other and we wonder why we are still trailing them in life. Get a grip sisters & brother we need unity not name calling and blaming. No one is perfect but with the help of each other we can damn well work towards it.

  6. Jiggy5 on said:

    Peeps we are to blame for the victim, somebody else fault mentality of this generation. They didn’t make it up, it was learned.

    • Jiggy or wigger? Either way I understand your interest in minorities and I am glad that we can entertain you. I could only imagine how dull and un gratifying life can be for yur kind. You entertain me as well with your attempt to insult the black community but to be honest with you your kind comes a dime a dozen and all your attempts are in vain because it’s old and played out. We hear your garbage on a daily basis and we are immune to it.

  7. Tracey on said:

    I agree with everyone..she’s trying to act as adult but its obvious she’s very immature and thinking someone owes her something. When I got pregnant at 18, my Mom taught me that it was time to grow up quick and that was exactly what I did.

    This little wanna be needs to do the same thing and stop looking for someone to blame or better yet, look in the mirror and blame herself. Mary and Kendu didn’t make her have sex, get pregnant or be homeless. She didn’t get pregnant by herself either so where’s the donor?

  8. She is not homeless because she is pregnant! Even if she was not pregnant she would still be homeless………but, her blaming her parents is wrong. If you are grown and doing what grown folks do then get your grown ass together and do better!

  9. Queenbee on said:

    After reading all of these comments, NOUGH SAID! Now get up off your ass and get up on whats left of your brain. In this world, no one cares about you like your parents. Mess that up and you will find out how far the bottom is. And don’t think they are going to forget all of fhe disrespectfullness and attitude. I guess you need to bow down instead of lying down. Learn from yourself, you could still make a life for you and the baby. But don’t expect anyone to run to your becking call. Make your own bed. Bring the plate to the baby’s daddy,because he’s not going to step up to it.

  10. Good Comments from all! She needs to stand up and take responsibility for herself..! @PJ so sorry your wife does not see this hot mess in your home. Grown Sons…no way!

  11. writingmomma on said:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing young ADULTS be so damn irresponsible with their lives. It was father nor mothers choice to lay there and get pregnant. The choice was all yours Cupcake. Now, deal with your consequences. If one shelter is full, then go to another!! There is a lesson in all the choices we make in life. You just seem to have made a “not so good” choice right now. By the way, where is the babies daddy? Why can’t he get you a place to live?

  12. I believe it was her legs in the air and not mary or kendu’s that made that baby. You decided to hell with school and went out hucka bucking instead so pull up your panties and be a good mom.

  13. Rachel-Independent on said:

    Somewhere she got in her head that they OWE HER. You parents do not owe you anything. They provided for her, she grew up, now her life is her own. Funny she has not mentioned her mother – where is her mother in all of this? Or is her anger just aimed at the parents with money that she feels entitled to? God helps those that help themselves. If she got her head together and took her baby’s father to task and get a place to live and some government assistance and job training until after the baby comes and then a job like the rest of America, maybe Grandpa would be more open to helping her our of love and respect.

    • I agree!!!

      I’m dealing with a similar situation with my sons and their ENTITLEMENT issues. Parents have to know when to say NO and be united on that front. Unfortunately, my wife does not agree with me, so much so that we may be getting a divorce after 21 years of marriage AND my sons do not talk to me because I am the bad guy who is somehow responsible for the decisions that they made.

  14. Tami on said:

    She’s legally an adult, talking like she is grown, having sex like she is grown, cursing and being disrespectful. Why would they invite her into their home? Maybe, if she humbled herself, her situation would attract sympathy. Also, she has a mom. Why doesn’t she take her in? Probably because of her mouth. What’s funny is that she really in her head thought that if she finished high school everything would be handed to her. Completing school was for her benefit. Her dad most likely meant that if she did what she was suppose to do they would help her “get her life”. Clearly she didn’t plan to do much and hasn’t. Sometimes you have to teach children hard lessons, so they can do better. What some one should have instilled in her is that no one owes her anything.

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