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Chelsea Clinton has fired back at Alex Jones for claiming in a segment of his InfoWars podcast that there may be “proof” Michelle Obama is a man.

The alt-right media personality pointed to an amateur compilation video circulating online which includes photographs of the former first lady in which her pants, dress or skirt ‘show a large bulge.’

He believes the video along with a 2014 clip of the late comedian Joan Rivers calling the former first lady a ‘tranny’ proves that Michelle was born a man.

Peep the clip below:

Many fired back at Jones over the clip, including Chelsea Clinton, who slammed the video online as “awful” and commending Mrs. Obama for being “brave and beautiful.”

Analyzing the photos, Jones declared: “Michelle appears to have a very large penis in her pants. Her shoulders are wide, her face is very, very, masculine. She looks like a tranny and so you ask yourself, are the children a beard?”

Jones added: “I’m not saying Michelle Obama is a tranny and I don’t hate trannies. I’m a libertarian. But we have famous photos of her where it appears she has a large bulge in her pants and we have Joan Rivers who was a big fan of gays trannies and everything else, saying hey – we’ve already got our first gay couple because Michelle is a tranny. She died a month or so later in a freak medical mishap.”

In case you missed when Rivers made the comments back in January 2014, watch the clip below:

“You know Michelle is a tranny. A transgender. We all know it, it’s OK,” Rivers said. Many believe she was murdered by the Obama administration over the comments, and her death blamed on complications sustained during a throat operation.

But Jones suggests her death was linked to her comment about the Obamas.

“Why did Joan Rivers die right after she questioned this and what does this footage mean to you?”

Jones also said cited two snippets of video taken during Barack Obama’s presidency showing him mistakenly referring to Michelle as Michael.


(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

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14 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton Slams Alex Jones For Promoting ‘Michelle Obama Is A Man’

  1. Passing Through! on said:

    It’s not an issue of Michelle’s looks they hate her because she’s black just like President Obama. Michelle is absolutely beautiful and super intelligent and they can never destroy her legacy. Serena on the other hand, they got to her with their hate and name calling, and sadly she believes it. That’s why she hired that white boy to breed babies with. Out of all the black men she dated she ends up with some random white dude and gets pregnant right away.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Do you think if Prez O was married to a white woman, they would have treated her as badly?
      Disclaimer: I and 1000% glad he is married to Michelle. I’m just thinking of another scenario. In my scenario however, I don’t believe 98% of blacks (especially) women would have voted for him.

    • Stephanie C on said:

      Funny how no one mentions all the brothers in the NFL and NAB with the white wives and baby mommas, as soon as a black girl get a white dude, you start talking, well the disrepect to Serena came from the black men as well as the white people, it’s OK for black men to love who they want but not for black women

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Damn am I the only one in America who has never heard of Alex Jones? That could be that he’s really, really, irrelevant or because I stopped listening to fools who spew non-sense for a living. Big fools who have lil baby fools following their every move, can’t think for themselves.
    As far as J.Rivers, I didn’t even know plastic over-the-hill Barbie even made this statement. Again someone insignificant and irrelevant.
    Beauty IS and has always been in the eyes of the beholder. Who I think is beautiful, you may not, but we can all agree Mrs. Obama has a beautiful spirit, she’s never been unkind or has said anything unkind and that wasn’t true about anyone publicly. When they went low, she rose above, she always takes the high road, and it seems to never be crowed on the “high road” but always bumper-to-bumper on the “low road”.

    • You’re not the only one specialt757. Until now, I’d never heard the name. And I’ve never, not once in my life watched Joan Rivers in any capacity. So, I guess that makes two of us.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Well you know what they say, “it takes two to make a thing go right” LOL! Girl I know that was corny but I couldn’t help it, I heard the song in my head lol.

  3. leadjustone on said:

    I always thought Joan Rivers “comedy” was mean spirited and downright hateful. Never found her to be funny. So this Jones clown thinks her death shortly after she uttered those hateful words is evidence of some kind of conspiracy? Nope. God don’t like ugly!

  4. Passing Through! on said:

    A woman who birthed 2 children is a man….GTFOH!!! But his audience is stupid enough to believe it. And I never cared for Joan joker face ass either, that’s why she got no sympathy from me when she drop dead, good riddance trash.

  5. I never cared for Joan Rivers. I always thought she was a hateful, racist clown. The day Michael Jackson died, she stated that maybe her grandson could go to the park. I never cared for that troll and never ever shed a tear when she died. Clown

  6. Melvinowens on said:

    White folks have always tried to demean black women because they do not meet the standard of beauty set by Europeans. But, I can honestly say the only thing a white woman can do for me is point in the direction of a black woman.

  7. They don’t come much trashier than Alex Jones, who has obviously been off of his meds for at least 6 or 7 years now. One minute he’s ranting, spitting and raving, and in the next minute, he’s curled up, boo-hooing vulnerably. 🙄 No one should take anything that this reprobate says seriously, but sadly, there are many misguided sheep without a pasture who’d be willing to follow anything that will drop a crumb for them, and make them feel like they “belong” to something. Make no mistake about it though, the slanderous things that he and others have said about Former (and Forever) First Lady Michelle Obama is flat out RACIST! This is the same sort of classless talk that they aim at the beautiful champion Serena Williams…”masculine” “overly muscular”, “manly”. Their sole aim is to deflate Black women’s self-esteem, and make them (us) feel unworthy of the greatness that they are obviously achieving, much to their dismay, but they can’t stop greatness, no matter how hard they may try. However, we need to stick together and support one another more than we do….as Women of Color, and as women period!

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