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Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s estranged wife has named a few familiar folks in her divorce proceedings and Jesse, Jr. is not happy about it. One of the people named is former NBC anchor Tamron Hall. The names were submitted by Jesse’s soon to be ex-wife, Sandi Jackson who has asked for Hall to be subpoenaed in their case. If you remember, both Jacksons did jail time after their convictions for misappropriating funds for personal gain. reports:

Jackson’s estranged wife, former Chicago alderman Sandi Jackson, has filed court papers requesting subpoenas be issued for Hall, as well as 11 other people, including Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, who “have been identified as persons having knowledge of the circumstances that led to the estrangement of the parties, financial issues raised, and allegations made in this matter,” according to the court filing.

 No further details were revealed about why Sandi Jackson, 53, is seeking information from Hall, 46, but Jackson Jr.’s attorney tells PEOPLE that their relationship is irrelevant to the divorce case.

“Former Congressman Jackson knows Ms. Hall on an exclusively professional basis,” Chicago lawyer Brendan Hammer says in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE. “Mr. Jackson is deeply saddened and understandably angered that a well-respected, accomplished, dignified and honorable woman like Ms. Hall would be dragged into these proceedings so cavalierly and with so little concern for the position she holds and the high regard in which she is held.”

Hammer added that Jackson Jr. “intends to move swiftly and strongly in every way possible to ensure that Ms. Hall’s good name remains unsullied.”

The Jacksons’ divorce is in the final stages, Hammer says, and at this point mostly involves issues of property division, child support and alimony. “It is hard to envision how Ms. Hall and many of the others being pursued by Ms. Jackson in multiple jurisdictions could have any materiality regarding those issues,” he says.

The Jackson were married for 25 years and have two children. The reasons for the breakup have not been specified, although reports that both allege damaging information about the other, and Sandi alleges that Jesse has cheated and has requested the names, dates and times of those alleged encounters.


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