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In Atlanta, a pizza delivery driver says three teenage boys robbed and nearly killed him while he was out on delivery.

According to police, a 16-year-old called Marco’s Pizza in College Park for a delivery to an abandoned home.

The victim 20-year-old King Melton showed up with the pizza when he was attacked. In an interview with WSB-TV King explained, “I turn around and boom, ‘Drop it.’ (I said), ‘It’s just pizza. Just take it.’ As he’s standing there holding me up he’s like telling me to empty your pockets.’”

Melton tried to fight off the attackers who were trying to steal his car when he was shot three times.

After the incident police said that King was set up by 16-year-old Tyyneefah Wells who called Marco’s Pizza. 14-year-old Dequandre Weaver who shot King and 13-year-old Anthony Cleveland who watched.

The police were able to track the three teenagers down after they car jacked a female pizza driver the following day.

They are being held at a Regional Youth Detention Center and will be charged as adults with intent to murder and armed robbery. They told police that they had gang affiliations.

(Source: WSB-TV)

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19 thoughts on “Atlanta Teens With Gang Ties Shoot A Pizza Delivery Man

  1. sugasaphire on said:

    These youngsters have nothing to loose and don’t value life. It’s sad to see our youth two violent and so fearless. A scary time we are living when we have to fear the young ones.

  2. Mac Ben, Mr. Bennett probably feels the same way about these thugs as he does the thuggish police (and all those like them) that held a gun to his head and said he would “shoot him in his m##$@ing head.” Are you trying to insinuate that there is a difference between what these hoodlums did and what rouge cops do everyday? There is no difference. Get the thugs off the streets and sweep the thuggish cops along with them!!!!!!!

  3. Hummmm Guess just as Trump has emboldened White supremacist
    8 years of Hopeless change has empowered the juvenile ghetto N!gglets
    to rob and shoot innocent law abiding members of “evil racist America” have I got that right BLM, ANTIFA, Counterfeit News Network, MiSleading News for Black-folks Channel

  4. Lock their hoodlum asses up and throw away the key. 12-14 year old thugs @ Specialt- you’re right in asking do they have a home? This shit is getting worse and the culprits are getting younger. Sad, very sad.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I listen to successful black men, such as Judge Mathis, who says he was living the thug, heathen life and his mother knew and wouldn’t protect him, she would actually call the police if she heard of a crime committed and told them to check to see if it was her son.
    So these boys obviously have to learn the hard way, (a hard head, make a soft ass), it’s no easy road to make it in this world. The only reason they did what they “had” to do, was because they didn’t do what they should have done. Get their asses up every day, get a free education, be respectful and trustworthy, and not be criminals.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    It’s very possible that these kids’ parents have no control over them, and it’s even possible that one or two of them don’t have homes. It’s possible that their parents think they are at one place and they are at another doing what bad ass kids do. And just in case you think I’m making excuses for them, you’re wrong, I make no excuses for bad behavior, they will get what’s coming.

  7. Each one of these individuals made a conscious CHOICE to do what they did and now they will pay the consequence for them, no different than the choice that each police officer makes (MOSTLY WHITE) when brutally beating and/or fatally killing an UNARMED African American man in any given city street in the USA. However, they are NOT held to pay or suffer ANY consequences for their HORRENDOUS choices but instead are praised for upholding the law. There you have your so called “root cause” if there is such a thing.

    • Are you implying that this violent, entitled
      Behavior was somehow learned or ingrained
      By example from someone close
      To them? Just come out and say it Doc

  8. And in other, more pressing news, a civil rights group in Detroit is trying to get a rock concert cancelled because they didn’t like what the artist said about a football player. Yet another group is planning an act of civil disobedience if a certain statue is not removed from a city’s public square.
    Seriously folks?

    • Say what! on said:

      No, SOCIETY should be outraged by this behavior. This kind of behavior is NOT limited to blacks only as much as some people want to believe it is. Look at the crimes that happen in Oregon and other places like this by other groups.

  9. specialt757 on said:

    Sad and pathetic. It’s all their fault. I’m glad the delivery guy is okay, I hope these hooligans find Jesus in county lock up after they get the shit beat out of them a few hundred times.

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