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Shemar Moore recently opened up about what it was like growing up a tormented biracial kid, and much of his trauma and racial identity issues stem from his ex-con father.

Moore’s dad, Sherrod Moore, is African-American and his mother, Marilyn Wilson, is Irish and French-Canadian. So like many biracial children, Shemar had trouble fitting in. While he was very close to his father, Shemar revealed in an interview with Larry King why he keeps his father at a distance.

Moore’s father served time in San Quentin prison following “an incident” with his mom. And while Shemar didn’t go into details about it to King, he’s still very emotional about his painful past.

Check out the clip below.

The former “Young & The Restless” actor-turned “Soul Train” host said goodbye to “Criminal Minds” after more than a decade on the hit CBS series, but as he revealed during Summer TCA 2017, it didn’t take him long to return to the network.

His new crime drama “S.W.A.T.,” premieres Nov. 2 at 10 p.m. on CBS, and it’s based on the film of the same name, which in itself was based on the 1975 television series. “Nobody is asking us if we’re remaking the ‘70s

“Nobody is asking us if we’re remaking the ‘70s show, or the movie,” Moore said during TCA. He also praised the show’s diversity.

“We’ve got black, I’m biracial, we’ve got Asian…we’ve got white… this is the same name from the ‘70s show, it’s the same font…it’s the same theme song…Those are the only similarities…we’re taking on real life,” Moore said. “We’re taking on the Trump years…it’s just what’s happening today…It’s not just black vs. blue…it’s fear, racism, terrorism, subject matter of today.”

When asked why he signed on to the project so soon after leaving “Criminal Minds,” Moore explained:

“The reason I came to SWAT is a lot of what you’re hearing form these three gentlemen right here,” Moore said at the 2017 TCA Summer Press Tour, referring to comments made by executive producers Shawn Ryan, Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and Justin Lin. The producers noted the series will take a look at Black Lives Matter, as well as other real world happenings, per eonline.

(Photo Credit: Shemar Moore Instagram)

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