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Ever wonder who’s the Black man standing behind Donald Trump at most of his rallies and speeches over the past year?

Well wonder no more, his name is Michael Symonette otherwise known as “Michael The Black Man”.

Symonette is the one holding the “BLACKS FOR TRUMP” sign at his rallies and is usually seen wearing a shirt that says, “TRUMP & Republicans Are Not Racist.”

The Trump supporter is the owner of a website called Gods2.com, where he writes articles supporting Donald Trump and condemns anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He also has a YouTube channel under the name of Maurice Symonette where he uploads often.

At the Trump rally in Arizona, August 22, 2017, you can see Symonette standing behind the president cheering along with all the other supporters.

According to The Washington Post, Symonette was once a part of a Black supremacist religious cult and in the 1990’s he was charged and then acquitted of a conspiracy to commit two murders.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)


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2 thoughts on “Meet The Black Man Supporting Trump At Rallies

  1. Leslie on said:

    So, you go from hating and wanting to murder White people, to actively embracing and defending a racist? It’s fairly obvious to me that this guy is nothing more than a Con Artist, and a Pimped-Out Political Pawn, who is trying his novel best to achieve some level of relevancy…even if that can only be accomplished through being a “Trump Rally Lawn Jockey”. 😑

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