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Former Black Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is not ashamed to call himself a house negro. He made that point in response to an op-ed that used the term to criticize Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

“They say it to me too, Dr. Ben Carson, because just like you, I refuse to embrace the backward thinking of today’s Black identity politics,” Cain writes, in a piece he titled “House Negroes Stand Up!”

Keith A. Owens, senior editor of the Michigan Chronicle, slammed Carson in his opinion piece: “Shame of Detroit Ben Carson competes for House Negro of the Year Award.”

He condemned Carson, the only African American in the president’s cabinet, for defending President Trump on race at his infamous rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night.

Owens said Carson “believes that having a president of the United States who can’t make up his mind whether or not to endorse or condemn Neo-Nazis and other White supremacists on the march in the streets of Charlottesville, is a minor incident.”

Cain said house negro is a label that Black people give to successful Blacks who “don’t buy into Black group think or act and say what they want you to say.” He added that house negroes, like him and Carson, are successful because they don’t focus on things in the past, like slavery and Jim Crow laws.

“This is especially true of the current waste of time and distractions about statues, and who owned slaves 200 years ago,” he states.

He also dismissed Owens’ criticism that Carson is unqualified to serve as HUD secretary. Cain responds that Carson will think outside the box and find solutions to the cycle of poverty for Black families trapped in public housing.

SOURCE:  Michigan Chronicle


House Negroes United: Herman Cain Responds To A Ben Carson Critic was originally published on newsone.com

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