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RENO, Nev. (AP) — Within a 24-hour span, President Donald Trump delivered one speech in which he tore into the media and members of his own party and a second in which he called for national unity and love.

The about-face seemed to reflect the president’s real-time internal debate between calls for moderation and his inclination to let loose.

On Wednesday, the president spoke in measured tones and stuck to his prepared remarks as he praised veterans at an American Legion conference in Nevada as examples for a nation yearning to set aside its differences.

“We are here to hold you up as an example of strength, courage and resolve that our country will need to overcome the many challenges that we face,” he said.

The night before, the president cut loose in Arizona, defying instructions from his aides to stick to the script and angrily renewing his fight with the press over its coverage of his comments about the race-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The public push-and-pull in Trump’s message mirrors the internal dynamics at the White House, where new chief of staff John Kelly has organized and regimented the West Wing staff but has been unable to rein in the president’s tendency to veer off course.

The president’s speech in Reno was full of the calls for patriotism and national healing that would not have seemed out of the ordinary had they been uttered by previous occupants of the Oval Office.

But his rally in Phoenix on Tuesday night was uniquely Trump. He opened his remarks with a talk of unity but quickly erupted in anger, blaming the media for the widespread condemnation of his response to the violence in Charlottesville at a protest organized by white supremacists.

Trump read from his three responses to the racially charged violence, becoming more animated with each one. He withdrew from his suit pocket the written statement he’d read the day a woman was killed by a man who had plowed a car through counter-protesters. But he skipped over the trouble-causing part that he’d freelanced at the time: his observation that “many sides” were to blame.

That, as well as his reiteration days later that “both sides” were to blame for the violence that led to the death of Heather Heyer and two state troopers, led Democrats and many Republicans to denounce Trump for not unmistakably calling out white supremacists and other hate groups.

By the time he arrived at the American Legion conference, Trump seemed more congenial. He even thanked Sen. Dean Heller, a Nevada Republican with whom he has openly and repeatedly feuded. He discussed his early efforts to restructure and improve the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Later in the speech, Trump said Americans aren’t defined by the color of their skin, the size of their paycheck or their political party.

Since Kelly took over last month as chief of staff, he has ousted lightning-rod chief strategist Steve Bannon and hard-charging communications director Anthony Scaramucci while limiting dissenting voices, restricting access to the president and steering the president toward a desired outcome on key decisions.

He has urged Trump to more closely follow a game plan. But Trump’s broadside against the “damned dishonest” media, which he says is out to get him, was one of several detours he took from remarks prepared for the Phoenix rally. Trump unabashedly acknowledged that his own advisers had urged him to stay on message and that he simply couldn’t.

His diatribe against the press wasn’t in his prepared remarks, according to two people familiar with the plan but not authorized to speak publicly about the president’s decision.

Though he was subdued in speaking to the veterans, Trump often resurrects his free-wheeling 2016 campaign style when in the comforting presence of his most fervent fans. He flings insults at perceived enemies and meanders from topic to topic. In Phoenix, his ease was apparent. As he discussed his responses to Charlottesville, Trump interrupted himself to add: “I didn’t want to bore you. You understand where I’m coming from. You people understand.”

Lemire reported from New York. Associated Press writers Jill Colvin and Alan Fram in Washington contributed to this report.

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

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28 thoughts on “Within 24 Hours A Pair Of Wildly Different Trump Speeches

  1. B. Brown on said:

    The only time I will allow that orange face freak to stay on my tv will be when they drag his ass out the White House,I had such respect for the office of President now it just feels hopeless can we just get rid of him and move on ! IMPEACH IMPEACH

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    Trump has annihilated Obama’s pathetic legacy in just 7 short months. LOL. Love, love seeing how the left is still unhinged. Get on with your lives, the winners have.

    • Fake doctor, you’re a parrot! You repeat all the BS you hear from the orange one, even though you know it’s a lie. It appears with every one of your asinine post, you’re only trying to convince yourself because you’re definitely not convincing anyone else to go along with your stupidity. Get to steppin fetchin!

  3. How about the latest psychotic thing the idiot in chief has done. He’s Pretending he’s blocking Obama with an eclipse. I bet has wet dreams about the former prez. This fool can’t stop talking about him on commenting on him. Sad and pathetic.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Yeah, his lil baby penis hard-on for President Obama is so pathetic, his jealousy is very apparent. He hasn’t learn in 70 years. that talking bad about someone doesn’t make you look better, only makes you look like a hater. He will forever be on the wrong side of history, he’s too stupid to be anywhere else.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Jhuf you sound like a weak lil p****y, I bet 5 bags of skittles that if President Obama was standing right next to you, you wouldn’t utter one f-n syllable about him the way you do on here. His presence is so huge you would look and sound like a 5 y.o. child.
    The greatest president of your time has gone one to do better things, #45 couldn’t begin to fill those huge shoes he left. Try as he might, but President Obama’s bar is far beyond 45’s reach, especially with those tiny hands.

    • DAM!! You talk like you’re ready to spread your legs and have his love child, maybe you should see someone about your obsession. As far as what I would do and say to the former President “ Mr. Pres I respect and admire you and your achievement’s I am sorry however could not vote for you because I do not agree with your vision or beliefs for America” now what would you say to POTUS45 aka The Don???

      • specialt757 on said:

        You are weak and corny, boy. My speech is way to long of what I would say to the orange-face wanna be hitler and I only have 5 minutes to shut everything down, tomorrow’s another day, I might tell you then.

      • @jhuf- stop with the bs. You would never have anything good to say to Obama with high regard. You’re just like your fearless leader, you’re jealous of our former prez. You and your fake prez are jealous of prez Obamas good looks, his charm, his intellect, and his charisma. All of which you’re fake prez lack.

  5. The trolls are so upset that their Orange One is mentally challenged. In addition to him having a hard-on (as small as it is), for President Obama. His @ss can’t even sleep at night due to all his dreams being about our wonderful President Obama! It’s only a matter of time before Orange Juice resigns.

    • specialt757 on said:

      And his resignation can’t come to soon for me. At this point Pence is better than Orange-face-jones, at least we can get shit moving again. With 7 months of distractions, this country hasn’t done anything productive, #45 won’t get out of his own way long enough to pass any meaningful legislation. I guess he’s just too busy being a liar and master deflector.

  6. Chump is mentally UNSTABLE!!!!!!
    One night he comes on television and says one thing, oops, the next nite it’s some other b.s.

    May God bless this country with this Idiot-in Chief!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chastity on said:

    He is such an idiot!!! By far the dumbest person to hold this position in my lifetime. He makes George Bush look like Einstein.

  8. Yeah it’s kind of like when Hillary gives a prim and proper speech to Hollywood elitist then goes to a black audience and tells them “I don’t feel no way’s tired” it’s not Trump who’s getting laughed at it’s the libtards imploding cause Hill LOST and they can’t deal with it

    • specialt757 on said:

      Oh trust and believe, #45 is the laughing stock of the country, but it’s really no laughing matter that our country voted a liar and sexual predator as president. It’s pathetic. But it’s time to stop being mad about, he was voted in to show us just how messed up our country is, no more sleeping, STAY WOKE.

    • Still talking about Hillary and Prez Obama. How sad. It’s all about Agent Orange now. Stop deflecting from the Orange one and call him what he is…LOONEY TOON!

    • I don’t keep using anything as a crutch. You’re definitely mixed up. I don’t make excuses for anything. Do some research and go back and check all my comments. No where do I mention slavery OR Jim Crowe, ANYWHERE. But I can go back and check all your comments and YOU’RE the one who keeps regurgitating Hillary and Barack no matter what the topic. You got nothing! Keep it moving, Lame One!

      • Well Dam Hillary keeps regurgitating herself have you read the exerts from her new Door Stop due out soon? Man talk about denial
        You sure seem to think Trump obsesses over Obama kind of like it took Barack 4 years to stop blaming Bush for his short comings

      • @Jhuff…Good way to deflect again, as usual. Talk about being in denial. Just like your fake @ss orange one. First you comment about some speech given to the elitist, then you accuse me of always talking about slavery and Jim Crowe, and finally, you deflect again by talking about Hillary’s book. If you can’t stay on topic and always want to deflect because you’re in denial, I’m going to have too ignore your dumb ass because you’re too stupid to keep up with the topic of discussion.

  9. can you say idiot the train has left the station a sandwich short of a picnic not playing with a full deck doesn’t know right from wrong too dumb to get out of his own way you can’t change this devil…..

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