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Cheryl Harris Senior Vice President, Sourcing, & Procurement Solutions for Allstate Insurance Company calls in to talk about Allstate’s Quotes for Education campaign partnering with the Tom Joyner Foundation.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities have rich histories and allow students the chance to be a part of it. However, too many students at HBCU’s have a hard time paying for classes or even students not getting the chance to go because of little finances.

Allstate’s Quotes for Education according to Harris, “focuses on raising dollars to keep our kids in college at HBCU’s.” This campaign has partnered with the Tom Joyner Foundation for over 10 years.

Here are some reasons why you might like to donate and be a part of this:

  • 42% of black agricultural science majors come from HBCUs
  • 37% of black graduates come from HBCUs
  • 40% of black members of congress come from HBCUs
  • 40% of the country’s black engineers come from HBCUs
  • 50% of the country’s black lawyers come from HBCUs
  • 30% of black biological science majors graduate from HBCUs
  • 21% of black business and management majors graduate from HBCUs
  • 80% of black judges come from HBCUs

For every quote made through Allstate,  $10 goes to the Tom Joyner Foundation to help HBCU’s.

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