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Luis Moux is being charged with manslaughter after he reportedly choked his mother Lorena Sesma’s ex-boyfriend Stanley Washington after he caught the man beating on her.

According to Pix11, Stanley Washington arrived to Sesma’s University Heights apartment around 4:30am and soon began arguing with the woman in the hallway, which continued into the house. Washington and the woman began fighting when Moux pulled him off his mother and reportedly began choking the man. Moux allegedly told cops he choked Washington until he “fell asleep.”

Washington died at the hospital. He had two prior cases of domestic violence. According to Sesma’s family, Washington used to beat her often.

“She always had bruises on her face. He even assaulted my mother before. He punched my mother in the back of the head,” Angela Carrasquillo, Moux’s aunt said.

“Some animal tried to hurt his mother and he did what any good young man would do,” Walter Fields, Moux’s lawyer said after their court appearance. “This is the kind of kid that we’d all be proud to call our son.”

Moux is being held on $25,000 bail.


Son Charged With Manslaughter After Choking Mother’s Abuser To Death was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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