Gary Owen: Man Yells ‘N-Word Lover’ While Being Kicked Out Of A Show!


Gary Owen was giving a comedy show in Naples, FL when a man was kicked out of his show for shouting racist slurs!

During the show, the man couldn’t stop talking because he was so drunk!

As he was being taken out of the club, Owen says the man called him an, “N-word lover.”

Owen’s wife was in the crowd and he said, “you better be careful because she packs a 9mm in her bag!”

After leaving, the man wrote a racist rant on Owen’s Facebook page and then messaged the Comedy Club telling them that they are, “hiring n-word lovers.”

This entire ordeal ended up costing the man and his wife their jobs.

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4 thoughts on “Gary Owen: Man Yells ‘N-Word Lover’ While Being Kicked Out Of A Show!

  1. I love Gary and thinks he’s funny as hell. Love the way it handled a very stupid dumb man’s comments…if you say things when you are drunk that’s what you really feel …

    • specialt757 on said:

      I agree Tina, I like him as well. Good response from his wife too, on point.
      And alcohol is bka the “truth serum” that right there is why I don’t drink…heavily lol.

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