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Movie stars are just like us. Well, not really. But if there’s anything about them that’s universal, it’s that they, too, have to get gas. Now obviously there are celebs that have their people pump it for them and some that have likely never set foot in a convenience store at all.

Channing Tatum of Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street fame is not that kind of movie star.

While doing promo for his new movie Jimmy Logan’s Run, which involves him driving across the country for impromptu meetings with fans, Tatum stopped at a gas station in Statesville, North Carolina and had some fun with its cashier.

Identified only as Bernice, the cashier in the Statesville Sunoco may have been surprised when Tatum walked into her store, but she wasn’t fazed by it. In fact, although she kept up a steady banter with Tatum, she was still taking care of customers as Tatum went live on Facebook.

The two ultimately danced to Nas’ “If I Ruled The World,” and Tatum seemed to be enjoying himself as much as – if not more – than Bernice did.

Now can you imagine Tatum just casually stopping by your job?

Here’s the video below:

Here’s more info on Tatum’s road trip:

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