Movie stars are just like us. Well, not really. But if there’s anything about them that’s universal, it’s that they, too, have to get gas. Now obviously there are celebs that have their people pump it for them and some that have likely never set foot in a convenience store at all. Channing Tatum of […]

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How can a movie about male strippers be helpful to a marriage? Actress Jada Pinkett-Smith says that being on the set of the new movie…

  Comedian Deray Davis is performing at the Caroline’s in New York this week and he is starring in the new film, Magic Mike XXL.  He talks to the TJMS about his ripped new body, getting straddled by Tyson Beckford and much more. On his new body: “I’m tank top sexy right now. I’m not […]

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"Magic Mike” may come with the usual stripper movie requirements, but according to one of the movie’s stars, there’s something for guys who aren’t drawn to seeing male interpretive dancing on the big screen. “I think there might have been a concern for men who are having to see the film that really the movie […]