Shanice Is Happy To Share Her Story On ‘Unsung’


R&B singer Shanice is being featured on Unsung. “It covers my entire life up until now. There are clips from my first birthday in there to the births of my kids.”

A lot of her fans ask why did it take her so long to come back. Shanice says,”TV One has given me a platform to share my story. It’s been 25 years since ‘I Love Your Smile’ so I think it’s a good time to go back. I’m so glad we did our show because so many people loved it!”

Shanice has been married to her husband Flex for 17 years. Tom asked what’s the secrets and she replied, “I think the secret is lots of prayer and you got to be best friends. It’s not always going to be good, but you just have to stick it out and pray.”

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One thought on “Shanice Is Happy To Share Her Story On ‘Unsung’

  1. Always had a big time crush on Shanice back in the day lol. Glad her story is out and she is back at it again. Flex is a kool dude too… nice couple, liked their show on OWN!

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