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Amid the allegations that he’s holding women against their will in an alleged “sex cult,” R. Kelly brushed the drama off his shoulders and showed out during his scheduled performed in Virginia Beach, Va., on Friday (July 28).

TMZ shared some footage from the show and Kelly told the crowd that the “boss man” wanted him to tone it down.

“I don’t want to offend nobody, but I told them I’m a grown-ass man,” he said.

“I told them, ‘They hired R. Kelly so I got to do the R. Kelly show,’” he continued. “It’s all entertainment. Don’t get caught up all in it, it’s just entertainment.”

He then warned concertgoers that get offended easily to leave immediately because “it’s about to get freaky than a motherf—er up on this stage tonight.”

And it definitely did.

At one point, R. Kelly grabbed a fan’s phone from the audience and rubbed it against his crotch over his pants. He also asked a female fan to wipe the sweat off of his body with a towel. He then encouraged the woman to wipe his crotch with the towel and then grab it.

Of course, Kelly’s rabid fans ate it all up — unfazed by the stream of bad press surrounding the singer. One day before the gig, he tweeted a video that addressed the “sex cult” allegations.

“Yo, what’s up, y’all? This your boy Kelly, and I just wanna let all of my fans out there know that despite all of the crap y’all hearing, I will be coming to the East Coast to do my show,” he said in the dimly lit clip.

“And, believe me, y’all, it’s a bunch of crap. All right? So I hope to see y’all there. I love y’all,” the rapper continued.

Meanwhile, now that R. Kelly has been accused of holding women hostage for sex, ticket sales for his #TheAfterPartyTour are suffering, TMZ reports.

Watch video:

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10 thoughts on “R. Kelly Rubs Fan’s Phone Against His Crotch During Tour Stop (Watch)

    • And you are correct. Hugh have been doing this for YEARS. For what I am hearing now, these girls are grown and it does not matter if the parents like it or not. Do you know how many parents can make this claim if people go after R Kelly on this situation? Alot. Look at some college girls runaway and be with men. They are 18 years old and if the parents push it, the girls can turn around and have the parents arrested for kidnapping. Look at the girl whose parents pulled up in car and grabbed her in a parking lot to take her back to Florida. Her parents was arrested for KIDNAPPING. Lavell was right in what was saying about being 18. If you are going after R Kelly unless it is PROVEN he is running a kidnapping sex ring, there are plenty of people we need to go after on tv and even the military and so forth.

      • Say what! on said:

        And lets not forget Latoya Jackson when she was with Jack Gordon. She said he was doing the same thing in beating and using Latoya to trash her family and to try and make money off of Michael and the Jacksons could not go after her because she was an adult and married to him.

  1. Why is it so hard to believe the things about R. Kelly? They have been surrounding for him years. People choose to ignore because of who they want him to be. He’s trash and needs to be in jail as a pedophile. Let it go, open your eyes, see the truth. You turned on Bill and they all were adult women….

    • I do not think it is a issue of about it being hard to believe, it is an issue that these girls/women are WILLING to be with him and it is easy for people to dismiss it. He is not forcing them, they are going to him on their own free will. He was married to Allayah who married him WILLING.. I do not agree with it but that is to explain it.

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Aaliyah was a MINOR CHILD when she “willingly” married him, so that is different than the current situation.

      • Sarah on said:

        RENO2AC, we know that. I was just explaining why many people do not response in the same way. I do NOT agree with the explaination but that is how some people think. The situation with Aaliyah was DOCUMENTED, did he go to jail even thought was far more serious with a MINOR back then? NO. Why? She was “willingly” and some people over looked it (which was WRONG but that is how some people THINK). This is no different than when a teen boy goes with a beautiful woman. Do a woman who does this get the same treatment as a man even though that is just as bad? NO.

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