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NEW YORK (AP) — T-Mobile and Sprint reached a $26.5 billion merger agreement Sunday that would reduce the U.S. wireless industry to three major players — that is, if the Trump administration’s antitrust regulators let the deal go through. The nation’s third- and fourth-largest wireless companies have been considering a combination for years, one that […]

MENDOCINO, Calif. (AP) — Another search for three children missing after their family’s SUV plunged off a Northern California cliff has turned up no sign of them. But authorities discovered a cell phone near the crash site that could have belonged to one of the family members. Sarah and Jennifer Hart were found dead at […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Shoppers at self-checkout lanes scanning all their groceries after they’re done shopping? Old school. More stores are letting customer tally their choices with a phone app or store device as they roam the aisles. For customers, scanning as they go can be faster and make it simpler to keep track of […]

Police in Brooklyn, New York are looking for three suspects accused of robbing subway passengers on Sunday, October 15, 2017. News 12 Brooklyn reports, that the three suspects are two men and woman, are accused of punching a 19-year-old and stealing his phone during a train ride. Police also report that the three are responsible […]

Russ asked listeners to tweet in about things that let them know they’re old. One person said they know they’re old when they couldn’t find their phone and they’re looking right at! Or how about you know you’re old when you watch awards shows now and have no idea who is performing! Don’t Miss Out! Follow […]

  Amid the allegations that he’s holding women against their will in an alleged “sex cult,” R. Kelly brushed the drama off his shoulders and showed out during his scheduled performed in Virginia Beach, Va., on Friday (July 28). TMZ shared some footage from the show and Kelly told the crowd that the “boss man” […]

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas father who was accused of theft after he confiscated his 12-year-old daughter’s cellphone over an inappropriate text has been acquitted of the misdemeanor charge. A judge in Dallas found Ronald Jackson not guilty Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence. Grand Prairie police arrested Jackson a few hours after he commandeered his daughter’s […]

CHICAGO (AP) — Young adults have a reputation for being connected to one another and disconnected from the news. But a survey has found that mobile devices and social networking are keeping them more engaged with the broader world than previously thought. They want news, they say, though they don’t always aggressively seek it out […]

There are certain things men can’t do while they talk on the phone. Saying “bye-bye” is one of them. Listen to the audio player to…

WASHINGTON (AP) — Rules against making cellphone calls during airline flights are “outdated,” and it’s time to change them, federal regulators said Thursday, drawing immediate howls of protest from flight attendants, airline officials and others. Tom Wheeler, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, said in a statement that the commission was proposing greater […]

These days, it seems unheard of to not own a mobile phone and finding a pay phone, even in the largest of U.S. cities, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But for those with limited incomes, paying a monthly cell phone bill isn’t so easy. Having the ability to make a […]