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Texas judge Hilary H. Green was suspended for allegedly sexting her bailiff and using him to buy drugs, hiring prostitutes and buying marijuana seized from a defendant, TheWashingtonPost reports.

Despite public knowledge of some of Hilary’s misconduct, she was reelected to a Harris County justice of the peace.

Ronald Green, Hilary’s ex-husband, made the startling accusations during their divorce proceedings, which led to the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct to file a formal complaint. According to Green, she is a drug addict, who “operates daily with impaired judgment as evidenced by her presiding over cases in which she has ongoing sexual relationships with litigants and witnesses.”

Hilary’s ex-lover Claude Barnes claims they had sex with prostitutes. “We smoked marijuana. We had a couple drinks and then three of us had sex,” he testified.

According to the ex, he and Hilary did ecstasy and aided in purchasing prescription cough syrup off the Black market. She also sexted her bailif, telling him she enjoys “oral” and had him purchase cough syrup.

“That sounds like a very good dream/fantasy,” Green wrote in text messages. “You know I’m all about oral.”

Hilary denied hiring prostitutes but admitted to abusing drugs “almost every night” for years, court documents say.

“To this day, Judge Green has apparently made no attempt to reassign the bailiff with whom she actively participated in an inappropriate sexual texting relation and whom she recruited to assist in illegal drug activity,” the executive director of the commission wrote. “She engaged the services of a peace officer to commit a criminal act, and indeed he was apparently willing to do so. Incredibly, Judge Green sees nothing wrong with the arrangement.”

Green’s suspension will remain in effect until a civil trial, which will determine if she should be removed from office.

PHOTO: ABC 13 Screenshot

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41 thoughts on “Texas Judge Sexted Her Bailiff & Used Him To Buy Drugs

  1. B. Brown on said:

    This judge would be a $ 2.00 whore without all the education she has cause she certainly has all the experience of one !

  2. Love is Key! on said:

    Regardless of the color of her skin, she should be ashamed of herself. She is an embarrassment and disgrace. Shame! What is this World coming to? We elected an idiot as President knowing his background and the citizens of Harris County re-elected this fool into office knowing she had previous issues. Again, I ask….What is this World coming to?

  3. ajbrooks on said:

    Why not or haven’t you noticed. it surely didn’t take much to become President of the USA! Look at the guy in charge…he hasn’t got a clue!

  4. ajbrooks on said:

    Why not or haven’t you noticed. it surely didn’t take much to become President of the USA! Look at the guy in charge…he hasn’t got a clue!

  5. byeuvixen on said:

    Lightskinned, where are you from? That woman is no way lightskinned. She couldn’t pass for anything but what she is.

  6. RENO2AC on said:

    I guess she did not get the memo that only old, white, male judges are permitted to partake in this unsavory, illegal behavior.

      • The Real Mrs. V on said:

        Honey listen, her ex is not bitter at all. He is no way responsible for her foolishness, she did it to herself. She had dealings with an ex-con and he was the bitter person that leaked the information. So don’t come for her husband unless he sends for you, okay! That’s the problem individuals always want to comment and throw blame when they only getting half of the news. Better yet, just keep your mouth closed and your fingers still until YOU can provide proof. Look at yourself in the mirror and point the finger at you. If you cant be part of the solution then don’t become part of the problem. No witness News!

      • Mea culpa. Bitter ex-lover. Now “honey” you can snap those panties out of that big old wad you’ve worked then into and relax. It’s not that serious. I guess you know hubby pretty well. Otherwise, how would you have knowledge of his feelings? But, if you say he’s not bitter, I guess I have to take your word for it. So…..Mrs. V. What exactly is your solution to this particular world altering problem? You must have the solution since you wouldn’t be opening your mouth or moving your fingers unless you did. I know it’s going to be fascinating reading. I’ll wait.

      • The Real Mrs. V is dead point accurate! He soon to be ex husband is no where near bitter, it was the ex con/ex lover that exposed her. That information is FACTUAL and ACCURATE!!

    • specialt757 on said:

      yep, that privilege is only bestowed on old white male judges. She should have known her place in white Amerikkka.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Larry hairhat, I hope you get paid good off the money you’re paid to come on this site and spew hate. They are getting their money’s worth.

    • Diane on said:

      Iqnorant rammous, why is ever comment u make related to hair weave? News flash. Every blk woman do not wear weaves. Get a freaking life, clown!!!!

      • Oh Come on it’s ether long strait extensions or “I wana be white blond streaks” or both
        why else do head shops do so well in the hood

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Because black women want to look European, read, white. Weave shop don’t flourish in the hood because of white people. Don’t spew your hate on me, direct it at the fools who are enriching the Asians, unless, as I suspect, you are a hair hat too.

    • Diane on said:

      Hey dumbass Larry. Don’t forget about all those white women who live in tanning booths, bc they love our skin color and they want to be brown skinned. They also weave their hair, and they LOVE our blk men.

  8. Looks like sista girl had all kinds of cases going on in her court room,
    I wonder if she’s related to the flight attendant who tried to smuggle cocaine through airport security

  9. specialt757 on said:

    hahaha OMG, this is our justice system in America, just got to be smart enough to pass the bar is all. God Bless America…PLEASE!!!!

    • ajbrooks on said:

      Why not or haven’t you noticed. it surely didn’t take much to become President of the USA! Look at the guy in charge…he hasn’t got a clue!

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