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A Chicago Police Department “comprehensive review” of its holiday performance is underway in the aftermath of an unexpected surge in gun violence over the Independence Day weekend, the Chicago Tribune reports.

At least 102 people were shot—15 of them fatally—during the four-day period. This follows a decrease in shootings over the Memorial Day weekend, when 46 people were shot. It shatters hopes that the city has reached a turning point in its battle to reduce gun violence.

“The mood here is frustration,” chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said, according to The Tribune.

Most of the shootings occurred Monday night, over a six-hour period, CBC News Chicago reported. Many of the incidents stemmed from alcohol-related petty disputes, police Deputy Chief Fred Waller added.

Still, Guglielmi called the upsurge “perplexing,” The Tribune said.

“We deployed some very successful tactics over the Memorial Day weekend,” the police spokesman said, adding that those same tactics failed over the long Independence Day holiday.

Police officials deployed an extra 1,300 police officers and used the ShotSpotter system, which detects audio of gunfire and pinpoints the source. They suspect that firecrackers may have foiled the technology.

CBS said police officials blame Chicago’s high rate of gun violence on “gangs and guns,” but many African-American elected officials and activists point to a major contributing factor: a lack of jobs.

“Drugs in, guns in, jobs out,” commented the Rev. Jesse Jackson, according to CBS.  “More died on these streets since Friday than in Afghanistan or Iraq.”

Cook County Board Commissioner Richard Boykin said Illinois continues to have the highest Black unemployment rate in the nation. He announced an empowerment tour of Chicago’s most violent communities.

SOURCE:  Chicago Tribune, CBS News Chicago

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7 thoughts on “‘Frustrated’ Chicago Police Assess Holiday Gun Violence

  1. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    This is a deeper problem here than no jobs I hate hearing that excuse from the African American community! If there were jobs there these idiots wouldn’t be interested in a job that’s a JOKE! This is a family breakdown and will not change unless there is change from within. Just listen to the music its all about “trappin”, “guns”, “THOTS”, “drugs” etc. They sure as hell aint rappin about going to college or making it out the hood! They glorify a life of poverty and suffering and gangs idiots! Take they asses to Syria or Iraq and see how gangster they really are when there are people that aint scared to shoot back!

  2. George on said:

    Even if Chicago could offer a million good paying jobs, how many of the folks involved in the shootings would actually apply?! Working takes commitment and doing the tough stuff in life…it ain’t a bed of roses but what in life that’s worth having is ?!

  3. Alberta on said:

    Black people are SOOO QUICK to hate on each other our hatred for each other is Spiritual Chicago is Defiled with innocent blood shed the Land is polluted…just because you don’t see blood on the ground it’s clearly visiable to Christ.. We are like BEARS & LIONS towards each other but when it comes to all the other ethnic groups we’ are Like puppies..we do our BEST to get along because we know they have a back up posse called the Police. I can’t stand those stuck up Black Crackers who think they’re better because their kids are light skinned mixed mixed breeds don’t know what race they are. & those Black Crackers who love to hang out with everybody but their own people STINKkk to me..they are the Black Cracker KKK.dangerous.

  4. jhuff on said:

    Hey BLM, No Justice No Peace, Stay Woke, Trump and the Russians hows the Bullsh!t mantra working out for the state of black survival??? I see why Barack Obama didn’t want to go back

  5. Dr. Larry on said:

    “Drugs in, guns in, jobs out,” commented the Rev. Jesse Jackson, according to CBS.  “More died on these streets since Friday than in Afghanistan or Iraq.”
    Jesse left out the first process that always leads to the rest of his statement, “Blacks in”, drugs in, …..

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