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Disturbing new details have surfaced regarding DeMario Jackson’s incident with Corinne Olympios that shut down the set of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

According to TMZ, Olympios claims she was too drunk to give consent to Jackson when things got sexual in a swimming pool, and blames producers for allowing cameras to roll without stopping him.

However, TMZ says that other sources say people who have seen the footage claim the former contestant on “The Bachelor” was clear-headed and “fully engaged.”

Via TMZ:

Sources close to Corinne tell TMZ she was drunk the entire day of filming when she ended up naked in the swimming pool with DeMario. Although DeMario remembers everything — from “rubbing, touching and fingering” to licking her genitals — she says she remembers nothing.

We’re told the day after the swimming pool incident she claims fellow cast members began telling her stories of what went down with DeMario. She says several cast members told her they had voiced concern to people on the production crew that she was in no position to consent to sexual activity, but the crew did not heed their warnings.

Production sources insist other cast members did not complain to anyone that Corinne was too drunk to form an intent to have sexual contact with DeMario. Corinne has told her friends she has a boyfriend and wouldn’t have done what she did — especially with cameras rolling — to jeopardize that relationship.

As we reported, sources familiar with the footage say she appeared “fully engaged.” Corrine doesn’t fully blame DeMario because he too was drunk. She blames producers and has lawyered up.

“Bachelor in Paradise” has been shut down as Warner Bros investigates.

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9 thoughts on “‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestant Says She Didn’t Consent To Sexual Contact

  1. Virginia on said:

    I’ve been saying for awhile, somebody needs to pull Steve Harvey aside and tell him to stop making so many sexual references on TV, especially to those 10 year old white boys and girls. He also brags about how rich he is. White people don’t like that. While Harvey is out there making a fool of himself, there are people in the background plotting on how to do a Michael Jackson or a Bill Cosby on him. Steve better backup. This is STILL America, no matter how many TV shows you have. Why do you think they’re hiring him for Beauty Pageants???

  2. Butter Pecan on said:

    When will Black Men learn! You are nothing to these she devils but a check! This has been going on since slavery and you still haven’t learned a damn thing!

  3. I meant skanks instead of scan and another note Pottifers wife accused him of touching her. Things haven’t change since the Bible days.
    Like Curtis Mayfield said “if there’s a hell below we all gonna go” Peace

  4. White women when caught with black men having sex always cry the rape monologue. This cry rape crap was going on before the emmitt till days.
    Black men be careful with any women no matter what creed or color, all these women have to do is utter these famous words “HE TOUCHED ME” and then brothers it’s on, you then need a lawyer.
    Happen in the Bible days when pottifers wife was trying to get Joseph to sleep with her and Joseph ran out of the house leaving his coat. Be careful with these scans.

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