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Walter Williams reacts to the news that his grandson Kingston Frazier, 6, was found dead after being kidnapped during the theft of his mother’s vehicle from the Kroger parking lot Thursday.

GLUCKSTADT, Miss. (AP) — Three young Mississippi men were arrested hours after a 6-year-old boy was found shot dead Thursday in his mother’s stolen car and the suspects will be charged with capital murder, authorities said.

Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest announced at a news conference that authorities plan to charge Byron McBride, D’Allen Washington and Dwan Wakefield in the death of the child.

Authorities found Kingston Frazier shot at least once in the back seat of his mother’s stolen car, which Jackson Police Cmdr. Tyree Jones said was abandoned in a muddy ditch about 15 miles (20 kilometers) north of the capital.

Frazier had gone missing after 1 a.m. Thursday when a man was seen on video taking the car from the parking lot of a supermarket in Jackson, the state capital, according to authorities. About nine hours later, following a child-abduction alert and widespread publicity, a man reported the missing Toyota Camry was beside a dead-end road in the northern suburb of Gluckstadt.

Authorities publicly disclosed the boy’s death Thursday morning while surrounded by grieving family members.

“A 6-year-old is gone,” said Kingston’s cousin, Kolby Irby. “His mother has to deal with this. That’s her baby.”

The three suspects were arrested within hours of the child’s body being found, authorities said, adding video and a witness helped identify them.

Authorities said Washington and Wakefield are both 17. McBride’s age was not immediately released.

In Mississippi, 17-year-olds accused of capital murder are tried as adults. The capital murder charge means prosecutors could seek the death penalty if the three are convicted, Guest said.

The district attorney also said it was possible the charges might change, adding the three are expected to make initial court appearances on Monday.

One lawyer said he is not yet officially representing one of them and declined requests for comment. Guest said the other two do not yet have lawyers.

Authorities did not answer questions at the news conference with reporters, and it’s unclear what role each of the three suspects is alleged to have played.

Wakefield was a quarterback last year at a high school in Madison County, north of Jackson, county Superintendent Ronnie McGehee told The Clarion-Ledger. McGehee also said Wakefield had been dismissed from the team but didn’t elaborate.

The mother, Ebony Archie, left the boy in the car, its engine running, while she went inside the supermarket early Thursday, sheriff’s deputies have said. The store’s parking lot is patrolled by sheriff’s deputies, including one in a golf cart.

Security video shows that after Archie left, another car drove up and a man got out and then drove off in the Camry.

A child abduction alert was played repeatedly Thursday on local newscasts and police and family members issued public appeals for help.

“We’ve been looking for him for nine hours in every neighborhood in Jackson,” said Deanna Moore, the boy’s aunt. Addressing those who took the car, she added, “You could have just dropped him off.”

The child’s body was taken for an autopsy at the state crime lab and the car was towed away by police as they continue to investigate.

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46 thoughts on “Mississippi Boy, 6, Found Dead After Carjacking

  1. Shay Kenna on said:

    What is his mom going to be charged with? Leaving a 6 year old little boy in a store parking lot at 1:00 In the morning is child endangerment. I don’t feel bad for her in the least. She made a selfish choice and her little boy was killed because of it. Shame on her!

  2. Mr R.J on said:


  3. Epitome on said:

    In my heart, with my faith and my belief in Him, I know this Angel was either angels sitting with Jesus before the bullet left the chamber. God and Son did not let this child of His endure the sting of death. The devil had his minions doing his best work, but he can’t out due the Lord. We are living in our last days & times and the children are suffering & being taken everyday by garbage like this. This little angel was sent here for a reason and his work was done. No child should endure this. I have asked God to forgive me for this next statement. I know it makes me no better than those who took his life… but I wish them dead by their own hands. Hell awaits you & I hope you go very soon. Forgive any typos and missed words….

    • No, the little angel wasn’t just sent their for a reason. You just find out that our young black boys and girls are just damn evil especially disrespectful.
      I said good morning to many of them and they just looked at me like I just cuss them. They don’t smile and most of them is unapproachable. Yes I’m black and I said it. I like black people but can’t stand ni@@ers. Bad ass kids.
      Yeah and those three young thugs don’t need therapy they need the damn electric chair. Peace
      Oh yeah the lord didn’t call him home those thugs sent him there.

  4. Dr. Larry on said:

    “Ebony Archie’s family members told local news media Friday that she had picked up her son from his grandmother after going out with friends to celebrate her birthday and was going into the Jackson supermarket to buy party supplies to celebrate Kingston’s kindergarten graduation, which was scheduled Friday.” This fucking Ho was out clubbing on a school night for her first grader. Black women are the worst…..

    • Shay Kenna on said:

      Black women are the worst?? I’m a white woman and I can think of more stories where white women have killed their children. Don’t pull the race card. We just had a white woman that left her 5 and 2 year old in the trunk of her car while she went grocery shopping. Her reason…? Her babysitter didn’t show up. Not black women are the worst, ANYBODY that neglects a child and/or puts a child in harm’s way is the worst!

  5. Dr. Larry on said:

    The kid was in first grade. This occurred at 1:15a.m. on a school night. I will continue to say this, until proven wrong, black women are the worst stewards of life on the face of this planet. Period. I’m sure her name was Sherina or Ebony Kakes

  6. WhitneyRBates on said:

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  8. Arthur Childress on said:

    All three of these young murderers will be charged with capital murder and, if I’m not mistaken, Ole Miss. has the death penalty! But the mother’s actions were totally irresponsible and questionable. Was the car left running? Was it locked? Did these demons just SHOW UP in Kroger’s parking lot at 1am? I hope we’re kept up-dated on this horrific, tragic story!

    • Arthur Childress on said:

      My mistake, the car was left running. But more hurtful and disturbing to me is the report that 6 yr. old Kingston was shot MULTIPLE times! May these murdering miscreants meet their father satan, very soon! The death penalty is too “civilized” for these savages!

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      As usual, you are mistaken, Playa. The U.S. Supreme Court outlawed the death penalty for crimes committed by people younger than 18 in 2005.

  9. African American Woman on said:

    Jhuff, you are so right and its such a pity-if the black community as a whole used this innocent little boy’s murder as a catalyst to address the bigger issue of the lack of respect for human life that is all too prevalent in our communities-this baby’s death wouldnt be in vain. Unfortunately, it will be chalked up to another incident of black on black crime… How in the hell do you shoot a terrified baby? My heart breaks for the grandfather. You can see the pain and anguish on his face.SO SICKENING!

  10. Denise on said:

    Too many, when will parents learn. I don’t care if there were security in the parking lot. I wouldn’t leave my young child in the car nor leave my car running. That ” it won’t happen to me” mentality has to stop. This doesn’t excuse those fools actions, but we need to think before leaving our children in cars and cars running.

  11. EMaza on said:

    Wow…appalling cruelty and absolute disregard for life. I can’t excuse his mother either. How could any parent be so reckless and stupid. Poor little tyke. Go with God.

  12. Ro Ro on said:

    I bet the mom had everything to do with this child murder. It was said that the child was already shot and she got those boys to come and hijack the car to make it look like a kidnapping

  13. Teresa on said:

    Why do these parents leave the kids in a car. SMH. The mother will now have to live it down forever. I don’t let my 15 year old stay in the car. To many idiots out there

  14. Would anyone object to the judge hearing this case recommending a tree and rope, even if he is white? R.I.P. Young Mr. Frazier. We have to pray for this little one’s mother. She is surely going to suffer for her decision to leave him the car alone. Hopefully, some good counseling and spiritual guidance will be available to her. This is heartbreaking. Prayers.

  15. spook on said:

    She leaves the car running, wither kid inside, at 1am. They better investigate the mother too because she may have been part of the plan

  16. Diane on said:

    This sh-t is sickening. I hate hearing these kinds of story’s. It could be a family member or friends child. I hope these mfs burn in HELL

  17. FallMornings on said:

    @Knowledge. True the car was running but that still does not give them the right to steal the car. The right thing to do would be to stand near the car and protect the child inside. That was to much like right for these murdering azzholes.

    • jhuf on said:

      Yes that was very irresponsible and dangerous (police here tell mothers to NEVER do that) unfortunately summer is coming and you will start to see this trend,, their only in the store for a minute but how long do you think it takes to drive off in a running car never the less MS still has the death penalty can’t think of someone more deserving

      • Knowledge on said:

        Cut stupidity off before it happens. Come on sis lets think a min before we type

    • specialt757 on said:

      Because I don’t think like you does not make me stupid. So from the jump, yes it is absolutely asinine to leave your child in the car with it running at 1am or ANYTIME. However, just because she did that was not an excuse for MURDER. It’s as if you believe these people had the right to kill this child (if that is in fact the truth) or she got what she deserved because she left him in the car. You stop the stupidity.

  18. Truly disgusting! No mercy for these murdering wild dogs. The carjacking charge would have gotten them less time, but oh no why stop there? They had to go on to do the unthinkable. Death by any means necessary.

  19. FallMornings on said:

    Damn These pieces of shyt need to be tied, severely beaten and hanged for all to see. They don’t need to prolong the grief of the family while sitting in jail for this young mans murder. Not to mention the cost of keeping these devils in jail. If they are convicted to life in prison, I hope someone knows someone that is in that prison.

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