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One Texas teen could be registered as a sex offender because he had sex with his 12-year-old girlfriend and was arrested.

The Houston Chronicle’s Brian Rogers reports:

The teen, who was in seventh grade, is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. His girlfriend was a sixth-grader at the time.

“He had consensual sex with his little girlfriend and he loved her. They were boyfriend-girlfriend,” the teen’s mother told the Chronicle. “And because he turned 14, they want to make him a sex offender, put him on the registry with pedophiles and child molesters—really sick and dangerous people.”

The law carves out a defense for juveniles having consensual sex with someone within three years of their age, sometimes called a “Romeo and Juliet” rule, which would allow a 17-year-old to legally have sex with a 14-year-old.

But in Texas that does not apply if one of the parties is under 14.

“The idea that a 14-year-old who has sex with a person just a little bit younger then him or her would be treated as the worst of the worst in our society and placed on the sex offender registry is really sick,” said the teen’s attorney, Joseph Gutheinz. He spoke about the case on the condition that his client not be identified.

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27 thoughts on “14-Year-Old Arrested For Having Sex With 12-Year-Old GF; Could Face Life As Sex Offender

  1. specialt757 on said:

    @Theo, don’t laugh at simpleton, it only encourages him (well you can laugh, just don’t write that you laughed lol), but back to your statement.
    Yes, grandparents of many of us procreated as teens and now it’s frowned upon and rightfully so. Back then, in some areas sex education wasn’t being taught and birth control was not heavily on demand. The choices for them were quite limited and no one really looked out for their well-being unlike today. There is so many more advances that one shouldn’t make uninformed decisions such as sex at 12 or 14. But today there is WAY TOO MUCH access to everything wrong. Not enough emphasis on doing the right things in the right order. So it is up to the parents to make sure our kids grow up healthy and as educated as humanly possible.

    • Theo on said:

      @specialt757: your perspective on this subject is to be taken-up with GOD, because “IN The Beginning” & even throughout the World, pro-creation begins at the age Mary, Mother of Jesus, was impregnated, being as some Religious Scholars express, 13, 14, 15 yrs. of age. In Truth, GOD or the Holy Ghost started this “teen pregnancy” subject, not Theo or our fore-parents. It is only fair that you question, “Why would GOD” impregnate a girl?” or street language, “Why would GOD knock-up a girl?”

      • specialt757 on said:

        My conversations with God will most likely never include this topic. I have way more important things to talk to him about. I can’t give him enough praise or thank him enough for the many blessings I’ve been given when clearly I have never done anything to deserve, that’s God’s grace. So far as I’m concern this is a non-issue and I’m done with it.

      • Theo on said:

        @specialt757 I was ONLY addressing what was on-the-table-of-discussion and/or the Table-Of-Reasoning, which Jesus beckoned us to do on matters of differences.

  2. Kill Racism on said:

    Who said what race they were? Before you go pointing blame at parents, this mess is everywhere. Not just having sex, but they are also bullying… I don’t hear no one saying blame the parents there. We don’t get to pick and choose here. When you have “BABIES” having babies and trying to raise them with no parental guidance or education. What do you expect. This foolishness is praised EVERYWHERE on the TV in music as well as everyday life. FOR THE RECORD IT IS NOT A BLACK ISSUE IT IS A HUMAN ISSUE. STOP SINGLING OUT ONE RACE!!!!

    • specialt757 on said:

      The parents share the blame with bullying also, even though that’s not the topic at hand. Someone in the past has said to them probably on more than one occasion their child has issues and bullying is one. And the parents didn’t do enough to stop it, so that’s why parents share the blame there and here as well.
      I think, I know I was nervous, telling your preteen & teen children about sex could go either way, but instilling responsibility, pride, self-respect, dignity in them helps them to make educated and informed decisions about their life choices. And yes, even at 12 they can form well though-out decisions over their bodies. We tell them not to let anyone touch them inappropriately and they understand, so they understand this as well. These two kids’ parents have to eat this, but HE should not be charged with a crime.

      • Killing Racism on said:


    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Uh, because if they were white, it would have been the second word of the story. “A white Texas teen…”

  3. Theo on said:

    MARY; MOTHER OF JESUS: some Religious Scholars say she was 14, some say 15 when GOD or the Holy Ghost came upon her and/or impregnated her or street language “knocked her up.”

      • Theo on said:

        specialt757, my point is WE have taken SEX out-of-context….our grand parents married at very young ages in their early teens….my sister was impregnated at 15. All of us played house at very, very young ages. This type of reporting should have never occurred because those young adults are taking a natural course-of-action by nature, which should be confined exclusively to their parents to handle as our parents.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        @ Theo The “parents”, very unlikely there is 2 in either household, have failed miserably already. Something it sounds like you are very familiar with.
        “those young adults are taking a natural course-of-action by nature, which should be confined exclusively to their parents to handle as our parents.” You best get to steppin’ before I really unleash on your hide.

      • Theo on said:

        Dr. Larry, you truly make me laugh; no kidding. That funny comment at the end is just hilarious. I mean no disrespect…it’s not easy to make me laugh.

  4. African American Woman on said:

    The reason we all agree here is because this situation is so far off the radar, you can’t help but see it this one way. First off, both of these kids need some type of counseling (the parents too) and some really intensive sex education. A 12 year old!!!!??? Really, this breaks my heart…P.S. I bet we all agree too because we are moms, gmoms, aunts and or have children in our lives…

    • African American Woman on said:

      Hey Dr. Larry…I understand where you’re coming from…sadly, too many single black moms dont take parenting seriously enough and end up with daughters who have kids before they finish high schools and sons that end up in jail before they are legal adults. However, there are many, many of us who bust our behinds to make sure our kids have a better, richer and more productive lives than we have…I’m a single mom of 4 and, although, I sont believe in raising children by fear, I do believe and live raising children through active parenting, modeling, fair and direct rules with consequences if broken, and most importantly-but no common, is sharing your story-the good and bad with your children…it teaches them empathy, forgiveness and understanding…

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        I commend, and thank you for doing the right thing. Unfortunately we have far too many households, like Theo’s, that for generations, this hood azz behavior is tolerated. My mama did it, so it ain’t no big deal.

      • Theo on said:

        This new way of thinking regarding sex is authored by America ONLY and as recent as the 70’s. The Band teacher at the high school I attended married a high school student after she graduated from high school…this was in 1965. To this day, they are happily married. And, I repeat GOD KNOCKED UP MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS when she was 13 or 14 or 15. As such Dr. Larry, the hood is not the origin as you misrepresent, GOD IS THE ORIGIN.

      • specialt757 on said:

        You’re wasting your time trying to educate simple-minded larry, he only sees things one-way Tommy S’s way. He’s a follower and as long as he is, he will never have control of his own mind, he’s easily manipulated. He must have forgotten that blacks didn’t create this scenario, white teenagers have been doing this B.C.

    • hotlanta on said:

      Sarah Palin daughter did that by having 2 baby daddies and a high school dropout while she has 2 parents in the home. Blaming only certain behavior on single mom’s is soooo played.

  5. hotlanta on said:

    He did it so he can brag to his friends he got some. Boys rate their manhood by how many girls they get into bed while girls rate their womanhood by how many men they keep out of the bed. The chile is just 12 years old. That breaks my heart. He needs to know what he did was wrong because he is starting on the wrong track as a rapist and having a bunch of babies at an early age. He needs to be held accountable now because he will be irresponsible in the future.

  6. We’re on the same page ladies, which you know, is weird. I kept thinking first why and where are they having sex? And the second was why is he being charged, they are both minors. Why would a 14 y.o. have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life for having sex at 14. Good gracious!
    THROW THIS DAMN CASE IN THE TRASH. Parents need to be parents, it takes two, nowhere did it say he raped her.

  7. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    Parents should be arrested vs the child! Sad that kids this age are engaged in sexual activity but when you think about it, you cant get around it. Its on TV, music, movies, clothing, etc. Sad!

  8. African American Woman on said:

    He shouldn’t be charged wiyh anything-they are both children, however, I am outraged at the cavalier attitude of the folks in this article….I’d be waaaaayyyy more concerned that children these ages are having sex!

    • RENO2AC on said:

      OMG! I thought the same, AAW! I was still playing with my younger sister’s Barbie head as a freshman. SEX!?!?!?!?! Why is a 12 year and a just turning 14 year old having sex!?!?!? Ugh! My head hurts.

    • You and RENO2AC read my mind. The first thing I thought was is no one discussing why children at this age are even thinking about sex. I know it’s not the subject of the article, but the writer could have snuck in a line or two about just how terrifying it is to think about children of this age even thinking about sex is. Two more on the road to a life of nothing. Damn!

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