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If you come for Simone Biles without being sent for, she will let you know that she isn’t the one.

During Monday night’s quarterfinals of Dancing With The Stars, host Tom Bergeron asked Biles why she wasn’t smiling when the judges were handing down kind words— and thankfully the Olympic gold medalist gymnast had the clapback of the year to the condescending and sexist comments .

“Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.”

And Twitter was living for her response:

Later on during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Biles admitted to that she has struggled to connect with the judges. 

“I feel like everyone has their own opinion, clearly, and I feel it’s just how you take it,” she said. “I feel like I am trying, I am being honest, but if they don’t see that, I don’t know what more I can do.”

And while Biles was stoic taking in the judges criticisms during the show, she felt differently on the inside when it was happening.

“I had tears in my eyes,” she said. “I almost ran to the bathroom at one point, but I pulled it together.”

Whatever the results, Simone we always have your back!

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4 thoughts on “Simone Biles Isn’t Here For DWTS Judges: ‘Smiling Doesn’t Win You Gold Medals’

  1. I don’t watch this show. Is a gold medal one of the prizes? Btw, I watched the performance on my computer. The other person dancing with her and Sacha was annoying. Why was she on the stage? It was kind of hard to pay full attention to Simone. The dance itself, perhaps because of the style of dance it was, didn’t show the full range of Ms. Bile’s potential. Maybe I’ll watch the upcoming episodes to see if she knocks it out of the ballpark. Another possibility may be that she has to hold back in order not make things more difficult for the pro. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

  2. Patricia on said:

    Good for Simone. Stand up for yourself against these arrogant judges. Don’t let them bully or discourage you. I see Simone, Rashad and Normani in the final 3 but it seems they have already picked Normani Kordei as the winner

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