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The Journal of Social Psychology recently did a study that gave some insight into how alcohol can affect someone’s attractions. The results showed that the heterosexual men who participated in the study became more attracted to the same gender after a few drinks.

The test involved 83 heterosexual adults. Their alcohol level was tracked via a breathalyzer test and they were shown video clips of men and women talking to a bartender and drinking at a bar. After participants viewed the clips, they were questioned about the people in the video. They were asked things like “Would you have bought them a drink?” and “Would you have had sex with them?”

In general, the men were interested in the women, no matter how many drinks they had. However, as they got more drunk, the men were more likely to find other men in the video attractive. Researchers concluded that men who’d consumed more than ten alcoholic drinks were as sexually interested in men as they were the women.

Female participants also became more interested in both women and men in the video after cocktails.

The implications of such a study might be surprising to some and not a big deal to others considering the debilitating effects of alcohol in general.

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9 thoughts on “Blame It On The Alcohol: New Study Says Straight Men Are Attracted To Other Men After A Few Drinks

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Hell after 10 drinks they could show you videos of animals and you ‘THINK” you’re attracted to them.
    Alcohol is a “mind altering” influence. I’m not sure what other purpose it serves. People specifically drink alcohol to make them feel a certain way, most of the time, it’s “courage”.

  2. More alcohol makes men admit they like men it doesn’t make them start. I don’t care how drunk you are if you aint gay you aint gay. In my college days I did see a lot of white boys do gay ass stuff when they were drunk. I believe all white men have a taste for dik anyway though.

  3. bebe580 on said:

    It’s not surprising. Sexuality is a sliding scale. It’s way past time people get over this and face the complex nature of humanity.

  4. Passing Through! on said:

    This is sooooo stupid! It amazes me that people waste time and money studying dumb stuff like this.

  5. Any man whom desire another man is straight up gay period.any woman whom desire another woman is straight up lesbian period

  6. What I meant is at the function your mate would never tell you what the drunken person told him or her about there desires. Watch those reality shows when they are drunk the women starts kissing one another or the. Men starts to desire one another 👿

  7. That study is a lie. Strong drinks makes you the person that you really are. Why do you think that’s why it calls “Spirits” if it’s the gay in you that’s what’s comes out. If you he or she always been attracted to that person or. Have desires for him or her they will usually tell you that at social function in your ear. Oh it has happen many times at these functions but your mate bring it either your girlfriend, husband wife or what have you never will reveal it to you.

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